Tue 1 Dec 2015 4:23PM

Track 1 : Financial and business model

DW Denny Wong Public Seen by 266

Objective: create a project that is sustainable (to operate for 3 years or more).

Some of the questions to discuss are:

what are the different and realistic revenue sources to consider? (ie. student fees, etc)- what is needed to put it in place? what are the assumptions for each revenue source?- what is the ideal financial scenario?- what is the minimum financial scenario?- what are the expected operational expenses?- what are the in-direct charges (ie. marketing, PR, etc )?- what should we ask for help? to whom?- ...


Nanne Feldhaus van Ham Sun 6 Dec 2015 8:18PM

At knowmads, they work on a workshop basis, I think the standard fee we would pay would be 400 euro's for a full day.

Their was a small general staff, consisting of about 3-5 people, was paid a small salary, since most of them did not work full time.

then there's ofcourse the obvious costs like: rent, heating/electricity, taxes, etc..

For income streams:

The tuition at Knowmads has gone up from 3500, if I remember correctly, to 5500. Ofcourse if students start their own projects during the school they would have the chance to earn it back(in some time).

Also we let the students give workshops to companies in the exact same things the students are learning. Deepening the students learnings and earning the school and students some money.

Marketing was done by the students as well.
A nice way to get the neighbourhood involved is selling shares in the community it can contribute in building interest in the project and maybe open up new possibilities of working together with different people.

this is it for now since I don't want to overload the conversation :)


Lucy Herlaar Mon 7 Dec 2015 12:28PM

I believe at this moment the fee for Knowmads is 7500 per year. I know, that they are really suffering financially and also looking for a sustainable model. Guus Wink a.o. is working on that. Might be interesting to have a chat with him about this.


Nanne Feldhaus van Ham Mon 7 Dec 2015 8:45PM

Yes Denny, I also thought about Guus today when we talked today, I also think it would be great for you to talk to him.


Haotian Cheng Tue 8 Dec 2015 4:09PM

One of thing I know in KaosPilot Swiss school they do is that since the students have to pay the full tuition fee for the school and it costs around 13,000 euros a year, so the students are working on the side. Don't know whether it will be a problem for the tuition, but if it is an option could be offering students related job on the side.