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Hugo Dixon and Recruitment Thurs 1 Feb

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To be discussed as part of media group mtg Tues 23 Jan. Please add your comments/suggestions here.


Sally Long Fri 19 Jan 2018 11:04AM

I will promote heavily on Facebook over the next few days, including in other remain groups. There was £25 left over from the £50 FB advertising budget (£25 spend on comedy night) - will do some targeted paid advertising too.


Tony Ambrose Fri 19 Jan 2018 1:38PM

1)I will contact Hugo to reconfirm start time of 7. We need a facilitator to introduce and manage questions. Is that you Claire? From past experience I suggest we collect two or three questions at a time. If someone goes on too long, or off piste the facilitator closes them down. I am not sure the micromanagement of questions in advance would work that well for us. We have considered it before and ruled it out, though I cant remember why.
2) If we break after Hugo for 10 minutes we will lose a good proportion of the audience, but perhaps no way around that. If we have 8:30-9:15 to play with (that's plenty, people will get knackered, they started at 7), I suggest rather than a list of what we have done, a 5 minute intro , ( Claire again??) about our direction for 2018, taking the campaign to brexit areas, listening to brexiteers, gradually winning them over, being election and referendum ready, Next 15 minutes, ask the floor what they think we need to collectively prioritise and if they can help to make it happen, just ideas, no speeches.
second 20 minutes explain where we need volunteers, and have some well organised tables at the back of the room for people to sign up.
3) Happy to help facilitate if needed.


Jane Riekemann Fri 19 Jan 2018 8:36PM

I think we should have 2 Bath for Europe people involved in chairing the event - one to introduce Hugo, act as a facilitator for questions etc. and the other to deal with the second part i.e. our direction for 2018. Perhaps Clare for the second part and someone else to open it? Someone who's not open/chaired an event but who is familiar with Hugo and his writings - volunteers?


Claire Thomas Sat 20 Jan 2018 4:35PM

Happy to do 'our direction' bit. I will write something. A couple of initial ideas - as well as general appeal for help, would it be more tangible if we said we had actual 'vacancies' to fill? That way people won't feel they have to muscle their way in - there is a ready made role for them to fill. Eg we need an event organiser, street campaigners, a sub-editor for blogs, a letter writer etc - basically where someone has said 'I need help with X' let's ask someone to come and do that.


Alan Richard Champneys Sun 21 Jan 2018 11:56AM

I am not 100% sure yet I can be there. If I can be ( hope to confirm soon) I would be happy to act as the facilitator during the Q&A I have done this numerous times at international conferences, (although not usually with hostile audiences - although Russian physicists can be remarkably stroppy :-)


Tony Ambrose Mon 22 Jan 2018 2:22PM

I suggest we do the volunteer recruitment slightly differently this time. How about having two very specific asks- 1) be a street champion occasionally delivering leaflets in your street and 2) helping on one of our two stalls. To make things as simple and unintimidating as possible we should have a table with a list for champions to sign up leaving their address and tel and another table with a sheet listing dates and venues of the next 4 weeks stalls so people can put heir name against a date and place. We could have a third ask for those with organisational skills: help organise our monthly pulse and our next talk. Again a sign up sheet required. Probably better than just asking people to generally help with events.Its too vague.


Ruth Malloy Mon 22 Jan 2018 4:07PM

OK, sounds good, Tony. However, we must have at least two definite (established) volunteers to coordinate the two street stalls on the next four Saturdays. I can be one of the Bath volunteers most Saturdays, but not always. (eg. I can't on 3rd March). Please come forward and commit to specific Saturdays/street stalls before the Hugo Dixon event!


Tony Ambrose Mon 22 Jan 2018 4:34PM



Ruth Malloy Mon 22 Jan 2018 7:00PM

I'll start a new thread with a link to the Doodle page for the Bath street stall - up to the end of February. Please complete asap so I know who can come! Thank you.


Claire Thomas Sat 27 Jan 2018 5:41PM

I have drafted my speech for the recruitment part of the evening and attach for you to see. Happy to have any comments eg who will be manning each group at the end. In another thread I have suggested that meetings are set up for the Events and Outreach groups so there is something definite for people to come along to, in addition to the Media mtg.

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