Tue 5 Jun 2018 9:20AM

Restorative System

D Dieudonné Public Seen by 300

As a result of last zoom conf, creation of this page : PreVH Restorative System. It's in our power to choose how we want to take care of our conflicts, both within the PreVH Weave and the nvc-global.net community. Therefore our inputs are welcome : )


Brent Barker Tue 5 Jun 2018 9:04PM

Do you think it would be a good start for each of us to start listing our answers to the 3 questions on that page? Should we use the "Discussion" page for it or the main article page?


Dieudonné Wed 6 Jun 2018 8:34AM

From my experience with wikis, it's best to keep in the main article page, stuff at the bottom of which everybody could put his signature. And use the discussion page for personal point of views.
Having said that, anybody is welcome to guess his has in mind something about which everybody agrees, and take the risk to put it in the main article page : )
The only risk is to have some part of it, or all of it moved to the "Discussion" page.
How about this proposition ?


Brent Barker Sun 24 Jun 2018 7:45PM

Works for me!