Thu 3 Apr 2014 10:11AM

Corporate Media Boytcotts

DS Danyl Strype Public Seen by 7

Many us have long since realized that corporate media outlets have drifted a long way from being sources of objective or balanced journalism. We go to the internet for news and information about the world, and compare multiple sources in an attempt to identify biases and hidden agendas in the way the "daily news" is reported.

Yet many people still believe that the government propaganda, corporate PR, and infotainment fluff on the TV news and in newspapers and magazines represent the "official" truth about the world, and everything an informed person needs to know. This is particularly true of older people who grew up in a world where this may have once been closer to the truth, and those whose access to the net is recent, or limited in some way. Surely there is some way we can reach out to these people, and offer them a choice between "the red pill" and "the blue pill"?

What I propose is that we launch a campaign encouraging people to actively boycott news organisations who can be shown to have biased and inaccurate coverage, and media celebrities who are known to present editorial as journalism. The goals of this campaign would be to:
* raise awareness about the importance of genuinely independent journalism to potential for real democracy
* create public debate about the role of the media in society, media practices, media ownership, and whether the various media organisations and workers operating in our country are really doing their job
* bring public attention to the findings of media watchdog groups and academics


Lawrence Thu 3 Apr 2014 8:50PM

Great initiative Strypey.
I just want to bring myself in before leaving on an overnight community think tank.
This is a subject close to my heart as I have not owned a TV or bought a newspaper since my marriage breakup 14 years ago. I mention this only in that I realised after a few weeks of my wife having gone (and taken the TV's from the house) an equanimity I'd not had before ... I realised I had been cut off from programming by TV programs! MSM and our entertainment consumer culture is a propaganda system Josef Goebbels could not have even fantasized. A conscious boycott is the first step to breaking the spell. A favourite meme of mine is ... "Turn off your Television, they're not called programs without reason"


Danyl Strype Tue 15 Apr 2014 4:15AM

This is a brilliant hoax, exposing how lazy and sensationalist corporate media "journalists" can be. I wonder if we could come up with some tactics along these lines?