Wed 26 Sep 2018 7:20PM

Housekeeping for this Loomio group

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Welcome to all the new participants who joined since Open 2018 in London! Sorry for my lack of active participation since then. I'm currently in Hong Kong at the 'coopathon' prior to the 'Sowing the Seeding' conference on platform cooperatives, so hopefully we'll have another wave of new members soon!

I'm aware there's a legacy of older threads here going back a few years. Some of them are very long, and complicated, and only some of them might be relevant to the current iteration of the group. Could we have a few volunteers (ideally among those who have been around a while) to summarize the key point of each discussion, using the editable context box at the top of each thread?

Also, can we have an indication of who has coordinator powers over the main group, and each subgroup, and whether they still want to hold this role? Also anyone who would like to volunteer (or nominate someone) to take on a coordinator role for the group or a subgroup?


Fri 10 Apr 2020 3:35PM

Think greater use of subgroups is generally a good idea for projects organising on Loomio. makes it easier for folks not to get overloaded and to focus on what interests them


Darren Fri 10 Apr 2020 3:33PM

Meant to write - Firefox used to do a good job of rendering.

This changed a couple of years back. Sadly Firefox has been rolling back RSS/atom feed support (also used to have a feature where could have an RSS feed as a browser bookmark, that self updated)


Lynn Foster
Fri 10 Apr 2020 12:14PM

Thanks for adding structure to the OAE!


Simon Grant
Fri 10 Apr 2020 11:54AM

This is for OAE, of course -- I wonder if there is overlap for other Loomio groups?


Poll Created Fri 10 Apr 2020 9:36AM

Move 'Housekeeping' discussion to its own subgroup Closed Fri 17 Apr 2020 9:03AM

by Danyl Strype Tue 21 Apr 2020 1:12AM

Of the 2% of the total membership who responded, there was a unanimous "yes". Since there were no objections or concerns raised, I feel confident to go ahead and implement the decision.

I propose to create a 'Housekeeping' subgroup, move this thread there, and fork off any live issues in it into their own threads.


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mike_hales Fri 10 Apr 2020 7:55AM

there are RSS feeds of all public threads . . . which you can find by adding .xml to the end of a pages URL.
Firefox do a nice job of rendering such pages . . . still readable (on chromium also) and searchable

This could be really handy Thanku :) Searchable is great to have, since in-thread search in Loomio leaves most things to be desired.

Viewing the above xml makes it plain how very full the thread has become. We need a better way of doing this? Fork more threads and navigate more from the group page? Pinned threads @ group page? Categories? Both the latter are editorial/housekeeping interventions from group owner/s.

And as @Danyl Strype said, subgroups.


Darren Thu 9 Apr 2020 10:39PM

I often find Loomio a bit frustrating to use, particularly for longer threads - I agree reading back and/or finding information within longer threads can be painful. Things have improved since Loomio 2.0 landed recently(ish) - but the lazy loading of comments still makes things difficult.

A trick I learnt quite some time back is that there are RSS feeds of all public threads (and public groups / sub-groups) which you can find by adding .xml to the end of a pages URL.


Firefox do a nice job of rendering such pages - but they are still readable (on chromium also) and searchable (using CRTL and F or on mobile 'find on page' from the menu)

There are apps and browser add-ons which will provide a slicer job of viewing such rss pages - but I find the pure xml in browser provides what I need.


mike_hales Wed 8 Apr 2020 1:13PM

My experience is that tagging works well. But too many tags/cetegories become be counterproductive/clunky. And tags work at the thread level, not the comment level - so not potentially a way of resolving this content management issue.


Danyl Strype Wed 8 Apr 2020 12:33PM


Ironically, one of Mike's comments was about the difficulty of finding anything in these long threads...

The problem with starting news threads all the time is that it just
moves the problem sideways. Instead of struggling to find comments
within threads, the struggle becomes finding particular threads. This is
one of the main reasons I think the OAG group needs subgroups, so that
there is a way of sorting threads into categories. Perhaps I need to
make some effort to learn how the tagging system works too.

Again, I have to say I think making nested comments the default was a
bad design decision. It that might work for smaller groups, or orgs with
a high level of shared context. But it works poorly for broad networking
groups like this one. TBH I wonder a Discourse forum would actually be a
better home for OAE than a Loomio group, given that we seem to be here
to share ideas and tech across projects, rather than to make actionable


Bob Haugen Tue 7 Apr 2020 2:31PM

Ironically, this time (but only this time) the link in the email notification took me right here to the comment in the notification...

within-thread, ctrl-f seems to work a bit...

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