Mon 5 May 2014 5:19PM

Creating a Horizontal Effort

J Justin Public Seen by 8

Working with historical hierarchies is one of the biggest challenges Occupy faces.

Often key values & practices are not understood or used creating unnecessary misunderstandings, delays & conflicts.

One of the great things about Loomio is that it was built with our ideas and values of horizontal community.

So as an effort to leverage Loomio fairly I invite all stake holders of past, current & future National Gatherings to join this group.

An issue with the past Loomio NatGat set up is that the person who set it up has not empowered anyone but themselves as a coordinator and has taken to removing individuals in an attempt to support them personally.

The current Loomio NatGat group is not a public group there for not transparent or inclusive.

I attempted to contact the person about this when they changed the Twitter password in this same attempt to support me after my concussion...

They gave me the password to Twitter but did not even mention I had been removed from this group.

SO moving forward I offer this space to our community & will empower those who join with the same level of access I enjoy.

A community asset is that, a community asset.

Join me!