Thu 30 Sep 2021 2:40PM

Marketing Meeting September 30th

NJJ Nijil Jamal Jones Public Seen by 7

Jeremiah, Ikenna, Nijil

Munk: commercial and ad idea

  • willing to edit video

Nijil: scrap CBD from Instagram

  • can our website with CBD products be directed to from Instagram?

  • we have to get our roles clear

Munk: can do press research

  • using Nutshell Marketing

  • QR code for putting number and e-mail in there

  • using tablet with big font (clean table in front of them)

    • even offering to add people's information in for them

Ikenna: loves TikTok

  • can definitely post to TikTok

  • It's fun

  • using videos that are seeking exposure with viral trends

Munk: blog

  • weekly post?

    • like 3 videos a week

  • we don't blog every day

  • consistent and consensus of what we got going on

Ikenna: blog post can be more infrequent

  • social media can be more frequent

  • we have relevant content up

  • use blog to show what is on social media