Fri 30 Apr 2021 8:25PM

CO2 and PM2.5 Distributed IOT Sensor

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Pollution and CO2 levels are growing across the world, and have a huge impact on health outcomes for disadvantaged communities. In addition, Climate Change is increasing the prevalence of wildfires and the high degrees of particulate matter they produce.Outdoor activity and exercise must be curtailed if particulate levels get high. Finally, Indoor CO2 levels can dramatically impact mental performance.


  • Monitor levels of CO2, PM2.5, Temperature, and Humidity

  • Connected to the cloud via LORA, 4G, Thread, BLE, or WIFI. Publicly accessible data could allow identification and monitoring of pollution hotspots

  • Connect to Air Conditioners/Air Purifiers. That might allow schools, businesses, or individuals to monitor pollution levels and run air conditioners more intelligently.

  • Business sales could bankroll deployment of sensors to diverse communities

  • Can be programmed in Embedded Rust


  • Requires capital to build prototypes and startup money to produce at scale

  • Current chip storage may limited ability to mass produce sensors

  • CO2 and Particulate sensors are fairly expensive at around 40 dollars each

Prior Art/Competitors


I think there's a viable market for an all in one air quality sensor, that can be configured to share data and trigger devices/users to perform corrective actions.I feel like it would not be too expensive to develop a few test units, build a backend, and then launch an IndieGogo or CrowdSupply to do a small manufacturing run. Building and programming the hardware, and the web backend, should provide an interesting challenge. There are also opportunities in mechanical design and marketing, to make it approachable and elegant.


Andrea Nall Fri 30 Apr 2021 9:46PM

Possible additional prior art/competitor: https://www.iqair.com/us/air-quality-monitors/airvisual-pro ( and the whole iqair network )

( I should add, I'd totally cherish a air quality/co2/whatever sensor that's WiFi/BLE that can also be fully local, no cloud needed to check on the air quality, and no sending data to the cloud unless I consent )


Ben Sat 1 May 2021 12:08AM

Oh yeah, that's the most refined one I've seen so far. Doesn't seem to do CO2 though, and doesn't seem to have the IOT connections and is targeted straight at large business. I'm pretty privacy conscious, so I would definitely allow you to turn off remote features, or have an option to send your data anonymously. Either way, I'm not sure if this idea has legs to become huge, but the backend could be used for other sensors. I'll definitely use it though., which they say is a good first step