Item from this months meet-up

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For those in attendance the country I could not recall is Puerto Rico.
They currently have a US $123 billion debt and having been stripped of all assets have no way of trading out of their situation.
The banks are stating that they are not going to be allowed to go into Bankruptcy.


Colin Smith Sun 28 May 2017 5:14AM

New Zealand successful rocket launch was discussed at the same meeting.
For #Martyn and for those interested in the NZ Space or Satellite industries? A group has been started on Linked-In.

Just arrived in my "In Box".

*** New Zealand now has a rocket launch company, a Space Agency and a space science research organisation.

A new LinkedIn group, New Zealand Space & Satellite. If you work in, or are interested in these industries, please join the group. Lets help grow Space and Satellite in New Zealand! ***

So apparently we have a Space Agency and a space Research Organisation.