Thu 4 Jun 2015 6:56AM

Suggestions for Polo Cafe haul.

LP luke poland Public Seen by 17

Hey guys.
Autumn Tournie Polo Cafe made $1060, and there was no clear decision into what we should put it towards. If you have an idea, please post it here, with an argument as to why that would be a worthy way to spend the money. We can do a little vote on 14 June at Sunday Funday.


Adrian Zacharias Thu 4 Jun 2015 7:08AM

Upgrade our pickup bords and send the old ones to Canberra?


Daisuke Matsushima Thu 4 Jun 2015 9:31AM

I agree with Adrian or buy lightfoot polo frame to build or bulk buy fixcraft shaft and connect kit and head????


luke poland Thu 4 Jun 2015 1:01PM

Spend it on a year of Public Liability Insurance for Club members. (How many people does this cover? Does it cover us for outside of MLB? If it helps us acquire new courts, we need to take advantage of that. Might be a good time to trial PL given the number of tournaments we are hosting with more guest players over the next 12 months)


luke poland Thu 4 Jun 2015 1:03PM

More money for Newbie Polobikes (but... we still havent spent all of the last stuff, sorry ive been lazy. Just adding an option)


Wes Thu 4 Jun 2015 8:23PM

What does hhis bring the total polo caafe kitty up to out of interest?

I'd say invest it into ply for a second court...


Georgia Grace Fri 5 Jun 2015 3:00AM

Might it be worth adding a few helmets with face cages and/or gloves to the club's haul? As loaner equipment for Sunday games and home tourneys


luke poland Sat 6 Jun 2015 2:16AM

Autumn 2014 made approx $800. This is in the general club account (i think? may have been spent?)
Xmas 2014 made approx $1500. Some has been spent on loaner bikes, we have around $750 remaining in a bank account a had spare, I have plans for more loaner bikes (and helmets/gloves, good idea george!)
Autumn 2015 made $1060. This is hiding in a tin in a secret location, and this is up for discussion as to how to spend it.