Fri 30 Jun 2017 2:50PM

I think we should consider Loomio.

JS Jon Schull Public Seen by 343

I've just discovered the New Zealand-based, now global, enspiral network which includes the decison-making forum loomio and the collaborative funding platform co-budget. They are all about online distributed non-hierarchical collaboration for good and have a working model with working tools. (I highly recommend that you explore those links and those people!)

I started using it a few days ago. I m going to propose to
* demo it
* record and advance our deliberations on
* the google proposition
* Jeremy's role as liaison
* auxiliary propositions re the 2018 Conference
* propose that we adopt the tool.

This thread is for discussing Loomio.

I'm creatng a new thread called "Endorsing and advancing the Portland2018 plan"


Jon Schull Fri 30 Jun 2017 3:19PM

I've invited Jeremy and Eric Bubar to this group ...


Jeremy Simon Fri 30 Jun 2017 7:21PM

I like it. If we decide to use this, we should probably create a new group (not called "E-nablio"), with a better logo.


Jon Schull Sat 1 Jul 2017 3:20PM

More detail:

Two days ago I discovered the Enspiral network .

My current understanding is that Enspiral is a New-Zealand based, now-global network of employee-owned for-profit and non-profit ventures "for positive change". They are all about online distributed non-hierarchical collaboration for good and have a working model with working tools.

The network is coordinated by the non-Profit Enspiral Foundation, which is dedicated to "More people working on stuff that matters".

Two of the Enspiral ventures are Loomio (a discussion forum with tools for decision making) and Co-budget.(a tool that allows groups to make collaborative funding decisions. These are the tools and processes the Enspiral Network lives by. I'm inspired, intrigued, and impressed by the success of Enspiral and the elegance of these tools.

This note is going to people connected with e-NABLE and ConnectedHumanitarians who should (a) find this fascinating and (b) might be inclined to explore and test with me.

I think we should certainly study Enspiral, possibly adopt their tools and practices, and perhaps explore allying with them.

I've just invited you to one or more experimental Loomio Groups and an experimental co-budgeting group so you can explore. I urge you to dig in, make content, and request any permissions I haven't given you.

Enspiral hasn't gone out of their way to evangelize or recruit but I've found some great material because they are open, transparent, and well-documented.

Discuss! To illustrate voting I'm creating a proposition I oppose ;-) Try votiing.