Wed 25 Apr 2018 9:25AM

15% contribution

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How do we know that 15% is the right amount? Does everyone in the collective pay the same %?


Deleted User Mon 30 Apr 2018 7:24PM

Does everyone contribute the same amount?

This conversation was around a perception that not everyone was making a 15% contribution. I have heard of 20% for some and also that some were not making any contribution. Am not sure of where this has come from. For me it is useful to think that the project is making the contribution rather than any individual. For example If I have a piece of work with a few collective members and some Collaborative members that the 15% contribution comes out and then the balance is divided up between all of the people involved. I am not sure how the Cossie payments are worked out nowadays re %contributions.


Deleted User Mon 30 Apr 2018 7:26PM

How do we know 15% is the right amount?

Need to see an admin budget to know. Has been 10% in the past and this was not enough to cover admin expenses. Are we generating any surplus for the collective on 15%?


Deleted User Tue 1 May 2018 9:06AM

From the Tues 1st May:
Yvonne: does the 15% cover Workers comp for employees? Kerry: that is my understanding. Yvonne: Does Jeder insurances cover contractors? Kerry: don't think so.
We will see better when we see the budget.


Michelle Dunscombe Fri 4 May 2018 11:23AM

The admin budget is in draft form at the moment with a group having input into then it will be shared broadly. Yes everyone pays 15%


Jason Emmins Tue 8 May 2018 3:22AM

Hi, the COSSIE contribution is based on 15% of the claims made- I think this is worked out each month after all claims are processed into individual bucket reports and then 15% taken off for the admin contribution. Is this right @michelledunscombe?


Michelle Dunscombe Tue 8 May 2018 6:50AM

That's correct @jasonemmins the admin contributions from all Jederites is calculated at the beginning of each month prior to bucket reports being sent out based on the previous month's invoicing/claims.


Deleted User Thu 10 May 2018 8:55PM

There was mention in this week's zoom of this membership doc that outlines what the 15% contribution covers. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ne1BqNwfnButzYKF5h9gO7qevEIx0r5Qvx1PZ47Nf_4/edit
@jasonemmins is this something that is included in the induction process?


Michaela Kennedy Sat 12 May 2018 6:43PM

The membership part in the handbook is a part of the induction process.


Yvonne Mon 14 May 2018 11:56AM

I think the whole induction, when one becomes part of Jedi is overwhelming...looking back...ahhhhh the wisdom of insight


Deleted User Fri 24 Aug 2018 7:32AM

I thought I had posted this a couple of weekd back-it was still sitting there!

Michaela Kennedy · 2 days ago
I think that Jeder Collective members need to host / lead one of the permanent Jedi's for a year, within the first 3 years of membership. When they do this they should get a reduction in their administration fee as a contribution / incentive. Maybe 10% admin fee instead of 15%. Thoughts?


Dee Brooks
Kerry H
Kerry H · a day ago
Would be great to have some kind of incentive to support people to lead Jedi. Not sure that the 5% reduction is the answer, as everyone has different income. Eg if I earn $10K in a year, my incentive is $500 and if I earn $100K, my incentive is $5000. Maybe it needs to be capped? And maybe this is part of a bigger dicussion.....Eg what if the contribution was 20% (as an eg) for any inquirers and that this included all admin and coaching fees ? ( The coach could then claim an hourly rate from the admin bucket for time spent coaching). Inquriers are not required to particpate in any perma Jedi
(and can contribute if they choose). This could give people time to learn all of the other parts of the work without additional pressure. If, after a year, the Inquirer becomes a Jedi collective member, the responsibility increases, (eg step up in a Perma Jedi lead role, coaching etc) and the admin fee decreases. Again, this feeds into mulitple other Jedi-membership, dollars etc...


Dee Brooks
Dee Brooks
Dee Brooks · 20 hours ago
That's some great ideas, Kerry! I encouraged Mic to put the comment above but, now I'm wondering, do you think this is part of the governance Jedi instead of here? Not saying the conversations won't cross over but it would be good to get your thoughts on what you think permanent Jedi's need to be...

Lynn Lennon
Lynn Lennon · 19 hours ago
I'm not sure where this thought fits into the incentive, but I was thinking of an "apprentice" role, where the host of the Jedi could assist the "apprentice" in learning the ins and outs of overseeing a Jedi and at the end of a certain period eg 6 months, 12 months the apprentice becomes the lead and a new person steps into the apprentice role. My thinking is if people aren't feeling confident in taking a lead role this would be a way to ease into it and continue to build the pool of people who are able to step in as Jedi conveners. It also ensures that we don't fall into the trap of relying on certain people all the time to cover Jedis, the work is distributed amongst the collective more.

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