Engagement sub-group meeting 14th April

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Monthly meeting: to include review of learning from Design Code Pathfinder Community Engagement meeting of 7th April.


Deleted account Fri 6 May 2022 11:25AM

Here are draft minutes:


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 13 Apr 2022 9:32PM

I attach the agenda for tomorrow's meeting and apologise for the short notice.

Here is the zoom link set up by Adam https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83996619067?pwd=MkMzcDNTekdxOXg3Zmx1ak1DWFh0UT09

I set out below the recent email from Zimmie. I haven't worked out how to attach the workplan in an easily readable format.

Hi Susie,

My apologies I wasn't able to make the meeting last week, I hope it went well. Great news to hear Elizabeth is working on an MOU, we look forward to seeing it soon!

We said we would share our timeline with you once we had updated it and we have now done this - I'm attaching our latest project plan for My Place as an intensive summer programme and would really appreciate thoughts and comments from Neighbourhood Forum members, particularly on the elements concerning the Forum's involvement.

Rico and I are happy to have a quick call to hear your thoughts but are equally happy for you to send these in an email or via this Google form we've made containing key questions we would like feedback on, whichever is easiest for you.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully seeing you at the next Forum meeting.

All the best,

​Zimmie Sutcliffe

My Place Senior Project Coordinator 

London Development Trust

229 Seven Sisters Road London

N4 2DA

Mobile: 07972427773


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 13 Apr 2022 9:00PM

Many thanks Susan.


Susan Lowenthal Wed 13 Apr 2022 8:29PM

Design Codes - Community & Engagement (C&E) notes from 7th April. Apologies for rough notes, poor grammar, punctuation etc.

Jenny Thomas, DLUHC:

C&E takes a long time to be effective, must be from the start, in breadth and depth, transparent & collaborative.

Nicholas Boys-Smith, Create Streets:

‘Do’s & Don’ts’

Engage wide & early; honestly; ask simple questions e.g. where do you like to be? what is your favourite part (of the area)? where would you like your children to be?

Engage visually; understand not persuade.

Be ambitious but clear on what can/ can’t be done.

Be worried if recommendations don’t align to public preferences.

Learn from Best Practice.

Code should be short, visual & numerical.

Likely to get a better representation of the demographic if online compared with traditional sessions.

Must, should, can (as Elizabeth already identified).

DON’T make assumptions (missed others).

Need a clear sense of what you want to achieve (vision)

Visual preference survey

Short, visual code

How to avoid ‘usual suspects’ responses only. Can ask for postcodes, age group, other demographics. Links (London Citizen, Big Local).

Bridget Wilkins DLUHC - Digital. I didn’t understand much of this, so won’t try to summarise - was mainly expensive & for Local Authorities anyway. Some about engaging more 18-34 year olds by digital methods. QR codes on lamp-posts. Gamifying. Proptech. 🤷🏻‍♀️

(I had a visual migraine at this point & missed stuff…..)

Sophia de Sousa:

Various organisations (e.g. Glass-House) - how to engage communities in co-designing Design Codes. Start with the guidance. Raising awareness of what DCs are & how they are relevant to people. Need infrastructure for engagement & for co-design of the engagement process for the whole community.

Glass-House introduce people to design & how it can influence & improve our lives - innate knowledge. Empower people to participate/ lead a design process - provide the right language. How to build social capital within a place. (There was a lot more of this …)

People will engage at different levels depending on their time / commitment, can be drop-in / occasional, not necessarily integral/ steering group member. All valuable. Need local experience, user experience, specialist & technical expertise.

Analysis - vision - code

What to do with your data - e.g. how people use the high street, heritage assets …. “we want a good experience”.

Create a safe space for discussion - really important. Empathy & place-making. Digital, collaging, walkabouts, site visits. Ways to capture views & experiences, mapping, Miro boards. Greening of area / building placement.

Digital Engagement - need more prep time, more facilitators, team of people for breakout room; short sessions with tech support. Different equipment leads to different experiences, people have varying levels of confidence, hard for some people to fit in during the day, not everyone can access, not everyone wants to show their home background.

Bridget Wilkins

Instagram to build profile where lower budget. Other social media.


Elizabeth Lowe Wed 13 Apr 2022 7:17AM

Here is the link for the zoom meeting at 7pm tomorrow. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83996619067?pwd=MkMzcDNTekdxOXg3Zmx1ak1DWFh0UT09

Thanks to Adam for setting it up.

I'll send out an agenda later today.