Meeting for a Sustainable ECA

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(Last updated August 15): Call for participants: Meeting for a Sustainable ECA

Nine months have passed since our First Meeting in Brussels in November 2016, and we are 15 months on from the initial gathering of commoners in Villarceaux, France that began this project of the European Commons Assembly.
In 2017, different projects are active, particularly on commons politics at the municipal scale (Fearless Cities, ECA Madrid) and around the economy of the commons in relation to the Social and Solidarity Economy in Europe.

To be able to develop and diversify its actions and activities into the future, ECA needs to clarify a plan for the management of ECA resources and financing, one that is rooted in the values ​​of the commons and that reflects the practices we defend.

That is why we propose to again meet in Villarceaux, with the objective to draw up a proposal and prototype a system for managing our resources for 2018 and beyond that can then evolve and adapt over time. It should include:

• a fund-raising plan taking into account foundations that have in 2016 and 2017 provided funding (and in some cases propose to continue), as well as possibilities for other sources of funding.
• a mechanism that allows consideration of individual contributions and those of organizations to ECA
• a formal collective organization in charge of the management of ECA resources, corresponding to commoning values ​​and practices.
• the basis of a charter of principles applicable within ECA for the management of its resources

We hope it will consider:

• The balance of power in ECA between European geographical areas, particularly East / West.
• Diversification of activities promoted within ECA (such as exchanges between members in the form of travel and residences, or co-productions of content and initiatives)
• The relationship between ECA and other assemblies of the commons in Europe and other continents
• Development and pooling of shared knowledge and communication infrastructures for the commons movement in Europe
• Cultural and linguistic diversity in ECA

The program of this meeting is open and will have to be discussed within ECA through the specified loomio channel below. It will be limited to 16 participants (gender-balanced) to promote productive work.

How to participate

If you would like to come to Villarceaux and take part in the meeting, please nominate yourself by declaring your interest and full name in the loomio thread (link below) in the ECA Governance Subgroup (you may need to request to join this subgroup if you are not already in it). Be sure to take into account the following timeline and conditions:

  • This meeting will take place from the afternoon 2 October to the morning of 5 October in Villarceaux, France (near Paris).
  • Accommodation, food, activities, and travel will be fully supported, but there will not be additional funding for this work.
  • You will be an active participant and stakeholder in the process, and the production of the result afterwards.

Loomio thread “Meeting for a Sustainable ECA”: https://www.loomio.org/d/lXqS3xaf

You will have until August 25 to nominate yourself. The list of participants will be finalized by September 3. If necessary to apply the voting system and/or resolve gender discrepancies (see the attachment for more info), it will happen between August 25 and Sept 3.

The loomio thread is now and will continue to be open to carry on the conversation for the content and organization of logistics of this meeting. Frédéric Sultan and Nicole Leonard agree to synthesize the loomio conversation periodically, every 10 days. For more detailed information, you can review the attached document.

We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on this important project. We especially encourage people who have been involved in coordinating ECA activities and from countries in the east of Europe to take part.

Frédéric Sultan - Remix the Commons
Nicole Leonard


Nicole Leonard Tue 15 Aug 2017 5:26PM

@anamargaridaesteve wanted to nominate herself


Ivor Stodolsky Tue 15 Aug 2017 6:00PM

Thanks @nicoleleonard. What is the date of this meeting?


Nicole Leonard Tue 15 Aug 2017 6:04PM

It's October 2 to 5, a message went out on the list today. I will update the context here now.


Nicole Leonard Wed 16 Aug 2017 1:31PM

Also @timothyflitcroft "I would like to partcipate in the meeting for a sustainable ECA in October and to nominate myself"


Nicole Leonard Wed 16 Aug 2017 1:32PM

Couldn't tell if @jmartinp also wanted to nominate.


jmp Thu 17 Aug 2017 8:09AM

No, not at this stage, for now I will monitor the gender-geography mix develop.


Ismaël SENE Fri 18 Aug 2017 6:19AM

I would be glad to participate


ann marie Sun 20 Aug 2017 11:15AM

I would be be interested in atttending and representing the P2PF.


Thomas de Groot Mon 21 Aug 2017 12:31PM

I would love to be present. I hereby apply :) I work with Commons Network and ECA, I think it's important to for me to be there. All the best, Thomas de Groot


Ivor Stodolsky Mon 21 Aug 2017 6:26PM

I would love to help out, but I'm unlikely to be able to make it, although it may be possible.

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