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Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:37PM

Date: June 30
Participants: Frederic, Nicole, Marta (Eur Alt.), Lucas

We agreed to conceptually separate “Communications" (which is more about content with an outward focus and visibility - e.g. video production etc.) from “Documentation” of the workshops themselves. In this view documentation is more about capturing the process and more importantly, outputs, of the workshops. It’s about building the “toolbox” of the ECA, if you will, the “production” aspect.

Transeuropa has their own budget and is producing a 1-min video to be shared before the conference, and a video summary with interviews. They won’t be doing as much internal documentation of the workshops/dift events, except for the Saturday with bigger speakers.

We noted the form/template will be a good input of information before the event itself, that can be included in documentation. This could be, for example, included in the wiki. Frederic is going to write a proposal for the wiki aspect for the end of next week.

Lucas is writing a proposal on thematic videos for the ECA also for the end of next week.

We need to work with Ivan and MediaLabPrado to see if it’s possible to ask MLP to have Raul do some audivisual/video work as part of the deal with them. This would free up some work and budget.

We are still a bit unclear on what sort of productive documentation can come from the workshops. We agreed to wait a little bit and see what the input from participants is like through the template and keep brainstorming. It doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive.

Lucas also suggested Raul Rodrigo (transductores?) who was at the Fearless Cities side event as a good facilitator who could work on this process with the workshops.


A social media strategy, probably coordinated with Transeuropa and prepared before the event (so starting now), is also needed. I can work on this but need to identify someone elsewho could help with this. Any ideas? Stacco? Others?

For JULY 15 (2 weeks) we would like to write a piece on the ECA (process and commons content) for publication in the TransEuropa Journal (see example here). I am wondering if there is anyone that can work on this relatively soon?


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:43PM

@fredericsultan Did you ever write a proposal for the wiki aspect? :P


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:37PM


Hi all!

As we talked in the last documentation meeting, I prepared a budget proposal for doing three short thematic videos. Some important things to be noticed:
- Even when the pressure on producing contents is lower, the budget is more or less the same. That's because the costs on hiring people is more or less the same. It would be easier to raise a bit the things to produce than to lower the prizes.
- The document is written to be used for fundraising.
- We talked with Marcos and Patricia a few days ago (I have to send the minutes yet) and they said that Raúl (the audiovisual AV technical in MLP) could do it. That's great news as it make things cheaper, we could erase the costs listed as AV technician. They also said we could use the streaming instalation they have in the big room for the assembly. Just a camera streaming, but it will do.
- I think the procedure should be to try to think on what we need for documentation apart from AV, and see if we are hiring one or a couple of graphic tellers and afterwards, check if it's possible to do this.

That's mostly it, I think. Sorry for the delay sending it.


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:49PM

@lucas and everyone

I copied the minutes from a meeting 2 weeks ago and a message just sent my lucas

The video proposal looks good ("communications"). We still however don't have a clear "documentation" proposal, for the content outputs/ working groups.

I just pinged @fredericsultan because he had an idea of how we could use the wikis for the ECA to do some of this work, maybe even using input from the forms.

Lots of people have been grappling with this documentation/facilitation question for the workshops: Lucas and me and Fred, Ana mendez de andes, Sophie, and now Antonio, Marcos and others at (Medialabrado). So I feel like it's coming together but we just have to nail down the basic idea a bit better.

Lucas and I will chat tomorrow about this and update here.


Nicole Leonard Fri 21 Jul 2017 10:45AM


Zemos will likely only have 2 people at the festival already, and already doing different workshops on Wed. and Fri. So it is possible for them to assist but probably not do the whole documentation effot. We are contacting Javier Rodrigo from transductores as a possibility and also Antonio from MediaLab who was in charge of now defunct Laborotorio de Procomun (potentially being revived for the next year, maybe we can combine forces).

In any case, if we go ahead with video proposal of Zemos that will keep them totally busy during the festival. That's fine, we are thinking of going to Lunt Foundaton with this, for 3 thematic videos and possibly adding one more on "synergies between municipalism and commoning" or something like that.

Ana Mendez also developed an idea for the workshops, and may be involved in future of Lab. del procomun so it's something to watch


Frédéric Sultan Tue 25 Jul 2017 1:25PM

Can I suggest that the documentation process proposed by Lucas (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yEjjOr7Cn-zCweMQENICz2Pdp7g7NmtyyvxuDS_jBTQ/edit?usp=sharing - thanks Lucas for this job !) could be completed by a proposal oriented in connecting people, initiatives and resources. This is a copy of the message I send before. It is a base for the wikification of Madrid ECA moment.

It could be of interest to develop a space for sharing resources, knowledge, information, ideas...etc linked with the issues/thema of the workshops and the meeting as a whole. This space could be activated before, during and after the Madrid meeting and that will be a base alive (activated by and with the people and a facilitation) for the toolbox of ECA. This could be done as a wikification of the different materials of the discussion around the meeting and the workshops, including the individual presentations and the initiatives people (re)present, the documentation, initiatives, people, places, ... they refered.

This space will work as a process for sharing experience and knowledge by identifying connections between people, their practices and their visions of the commons in Europe. During the meeting, it will complete the IRL process. It will also be possible to create interconnexion between this content and other webtools dedicated to documentation of the commons like P2P foundation Wikis, IASC databases, Remix the commons, Laboratorio del procomun, Atlas of charters of the commons ...) and to the structrured web (DbPedia, VIAF, Wikidata, ...).

The needs for a such process are :
- implementation of a semantic media wiki base and a set of tools (models,forms, concepts) and the facilitation of a small group of 3/4 people working on this whithin the coordination. 1 day /p
- inclusion of the already existing contents (bio, files and documentations of Madrid, self presentations, description of the workshops and other contents of the Madrid meeting, ...) 2 days/p
- development of communication tools for the workshops and other times of the meeting (space for contribution, sharing opinion on proposals, ...etc) 3 days /p
- development of tools for interconnexion with other digital web spaces. 3 days/p

All that will also help to imagine and support original processes of collective intelligence in the future within ECA community, such as documentation of exchange travels and residencies, collective creation and initiatives, ...etc.



Lucas Tello Tue 25 Jul 2017 4:49PM

Your proposal sounds nice, Fred, but I don't get to exactly imagine how it is yet. I think it worths to have a talk on this and agree on the basics for the documentation before August. I believe Ana leaves for a few days and so am I. Can you have a skype at some point on Thursday (or Friday)?


Nicole Leonard Tue 25 Jul 2017 5:55PM

Yes, I agree it is a good idea to have a further conversation with Ana. It will be hard for me to join these days as I'm traveling. Perhaps David also should join. I just invited him to this group, he hadn't subscribed yet.


Frédéric Sultan Tue 25 Jul 2017 5:01PM

Thanks Lucas.
I am available thursday before 14:00.
I can also develop the idea more concretely until our meeting.


Ana Méndez de Andés Tue 25 Jul 2017 6:53PM

Thanks Frederic for the proposal. It looks like very ambitious plan!

I agree with Lucas that we will have to talk about how it could work in detail. I have all Thursday morning available. Is 12:00 a good time for you?

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