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Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:37PM

Date: June 30
Participants: Frederic, Nicole, Marta (Eur Alt.), Lucas

We agreed to conceptually separate “Communications" (which is more about content with an outward focus and visibility - e.g. video production etc.) from “Documentation” of the workshops themselves. In this view documentation is more about capturing the process and more importantly, outputs, of the workshops. It’s about building the “toolbox” of the ECA, if you will, the “production” aspect.

Transeuropa has their own budget and is producing a 1-min video to be shared before the conference, and a video summary with interviews. They won’t be doing as much internal documentation of the workshops/dift events, except for the Saturday with bigger speakers.

We noted the form/template will be a good input of information before the event itself, that can be included in documentation. This could be, for example, included in the wiki. Frederic is going to write a proposal for the wiki aspect for the end of next week.

Lucas is writing a proposal on thematic videos for the ECA also for the end of next week.

We need to work with Ivan and MediaLabPrado to see if it’s possible to ask MLP to have Raul do some audivisual/video work as part of the deal with them. This would free up some work and budget.

We are still a bit unclear on what sort of productive documentation can come from the workshops. We agreed to wait a little bit and see what the input from participants is like through the template and keep brainstorming. It doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive.

Lucas also suggested Raul Rodrigo (transductores?) who was at the Fearless Cities side event as a good facilitator who could work on this process with the workshops.


A social media strategy, probably coordinated with Transeuropa and prepared before the event (so starting now), is also needed. I can work on this but need to identify someone elsewho could help with this. Any ideas? Stacco? Others?

For JULY 15 (2 weeks) we would like to write a piece on the ECA (process and commons content) for publication in the TransEuropa Journal (see example here). I am wondering if there is anyone that can work on this relatively soon?


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:43PM

@fredericsultan Did you ever write a proposal for the wiki aspect? :P


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:37PM


Hi all!

As we talked in the last documentation meeting, I prepared a budget proposal for doing three short thematic videos. Some important things to be noticed:
- Even when the pressure on producing contents is lower, the budget is more or less the same. That's because the costs on hiring people is more or less the same. It would be easier to raise a bit the things to produce than to lower the prizes.
- The document is written to be used for fundraising.
- We talked with Marcos and Patricia a few days ago (I have to send the minutes yet) and they said that Raúl (the audiovisual AV technical in MLP) could do it. That's great news as it make things cheaper, we could erase the costs listed as AV technician. They also said we could use the streaming instalation they have in the big room for the assembly. Just a camera streaming, but it will do.
- I think the procedure should be to try to think on what we need for documentation apart from AV, and see if we are hiring one or a couple of graphic tellers and afterwards, check if it's possible to do this.

That's mostly it, I think. Sorry for the delay sending it.


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 4:49PM

@lucas and everyone

I copied the minutes from a meeting 2 weeks ago and a message just sent my lucas

The video proposal looks good ("communications"). We still however don't have a clear "documentation" proposal, for the content outputs/ working groups.

I just pinged @fredericsultan because he had an idea of how we could use the wikis for the ECA to do some of this work, maybe even using input from the forms.

Lots of people have been grappling with this documentation/facilitation question for the workshops: Lucas and me and Fred, Ana mendez de andes, Sophie, and now Antonio, Marcos and others at (Medialabrado). So I feel like it's coming together but we just have to nail down the basic idea a bit better.

Lucas and I will chat tomorrow about this and update here.


Nicole Leonard Fri 21 Jul 2017 10:45AM


Zemos will likely only have 2 people at the festival already, and already doing different workshops on Wed. and Fri. So it is possible for them to assist but probably not do the whole documentation effot. We are contacting Javier Rodrigo from transductores as a possibility and also Antonio from MediaLab who was in charge of now defunct Laborotorio de Procomun (potentially being revived for the next year, maybe we can combine forces).

In any case, if we go ahead with video proposal of Zemos that will keep them totally busy during the festival. That's fine, we are thinking of going to Lunt Foundaton with this, for 3 thematic videos and possibly adding one more on "synergies between municipalism and commoning" or something like that.

Ana Mendez also developed an idea for the workshops, and may be involved in future of Lab. del procomun so it's something to watch


Frédéric Sultan Tue 25 Jul 2017 1:25PM

Can I suggest that the documentation process proposed by Lucas (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yEjjOr7Cn-zCweMQENICz2Pdp7g7NmtyyvxuDS_jBTQ/edit?usp=sharing - thanks Lucas for this job !) could be completed by a proposal oriented in connecting people, initiatives and resources. This is a copy of the message I send before. It is a base for the wikification of Madrid ECA moment.

It could be of interest to develop a space for sharing resources, knowledge, information, ideas...etc linked with the issues/thema of the workshops and the meeting as a whole. This space could be activated before, during and after the Madrid meeting and that will be a base alive (activated by and with the people and a facilitation) for the toolbox of ECA. This could be done as a wikification of the different materials of the discussion around the meeting and the workshops, including the individual presentations and the initiatives people (re)present, the documentation, initiatives, people, places, ... they refered.

This space will work as a process for sharing experience and knowledge by identifying connections between people, their practices and their visions of the commons in Europe. During the meeting, it will complete the IRL process. It will also be possible to create interconnexion between this content and other webtools dedicated to documentation of the commons like P2P foundation Wikis, IASC databases, Remix the commons, Laboratorio del procomun, Atlas of charters of the commons ...) and to the structrured web (DbPedia, VIAF, Wikidata, ...).

The needs for a such process are :
- implementation of a semantic media wiki base and a set of tools (models,forms, concepts) and the facilitation of a small group of 3/4 people working on this whithin the coordination. 1 day /p
- inclusion of the already existing contents (bio, files and documentations of Madrid, self presentations, description of the workshops and other contents of the Madrid meeting, ...) 2 days/p
- development of communication tools for the workshops and other times of the meeting (space for contribution, sharing opinion on proposals, ...etc) 3 days /p
- development of tools for interconnexion with other digital web spaces. 3 days/p

All that will also help to imagine and support original processes of collective intelligence in the future within ECA community, such as documentation of exchange travels and residencies, collective creation and initiatives, ...etc.



Lucas Tello Tue 25 Jul 2017 4:49PM

Your proposal sounds nice, Fred, but I don't get to exactly imagine how it is yet. I think it worths to have a talk on this and agree on the basics for the documentation before August. I believe Ana leaves for a few days and so am I. Can you have a skype at some point on Thursday (or Friday)?


Nicole Leonard Tue 25 Jul 2017 5:55PM

Yes, I agree it is a good idea to have a further conversation with Ana. It will be hard for me to join these days as I'm traveling. Perhaps David also should join. I just invited him to this group, he hadn't subscribed yet.


Frédéric Sultan Tue 25 Jul 2017 5:01PM

Thanks Lucas.
I am available thursday before 14:00.
I can also develop the idea more concretely until our meeting.


Ana Méndez de Andés Tue 25 Jul 2017 6:53PM

Thanks Frederic for the proposal. It looks like very ambitious plan!

I agree with Lucas that we will have to talk about how it could work in detail. I have all Thursday morning available. Is 12:00 a good time for you?


Frédéric Sultan Tue 25 Jul 2017 8:22PM

Thanks Ana. Yes 12:00 is good for me.


Lucas Tello Wed 26 Jul 2017 8:54AM

Ok, let's do it tomorrow at 12:00! By the moment Ana, Fred and me, I'll write David to see if he can join.

Have a good journey Nicole!


Nicole Leonard Mon 7 Aug 2017 2:07PM

How did this conversation go?


Nicole Leonard Mon 7 Aug 2017 4:09PM

In any case Javier Rodrigo declined to help with facilitation. I'm back in action now so may need to tlak with @malashierbas or @lucastello or @fredericsultan to see what I missed...


Frédéric Sultan Tue 8 Aug 2017 10:16AM

Hi @nicoleleonard ! good to have you back :-)
Basically, the discussion has confirmed the objectives to have a video documentation, as it was presented by @lucastello, and to take the opportunity of Madrid to develop the first stones for the toolbox of ECA based on a wikification of the process (workshops and other contents) that will be usefull for the next time for ECA. More details will come with the notes of the meeting by @lucastello.

I have to write a proposal including the minimum needs for the "wikifacation" so we can be clear on what we will be able to achieve with the means available.
We are also waiting information about the connexion with Lunt Foundation, following the exchanges and proposal sent by @david (I am not sure).


Nicole Leonard Mon 14 Aug 2017 2:59PM

@lucastello do you have any notes from this meetign Fred is referencing?

Also, I can't remember, did MediaLab offer screening some of the sessions? Do we know which ones?

As for the Lunt foundation, the last update was a very brief correspondence over email with @davidhammerstein1 on Aug 1 saying they are reading over it and the next meeting is Aug 23. I am worried about not having any other communication between now and then and so left a message offering any additional material next week.

I need some advice... how to make sure this goes through without being too pushy? I'm just hesitant because there have been other Lunt meetings where ECA was supposed to be brought up but they didn't get to it and if it happens this time it will be too late! @sophie40


Nicole Leonard Fri 15 Sep 2017 12:20PM

Following our call on Wednesday 13/9 between Ana, Gaelle, and me:

-We agreed that someone from the coordination team needs to accompany the video director. We aren’t clear on who yet. Lucas said Gabriel Pecot, partner of Julio who is producing video of Transeuropa, can maybe do it. Ana is also following this up. We want to request some of the ECF budget for this. Ana is reporting back on about how much would be needed.
-We agreed that we MUST have a meeting in early October- so the 6th, or that week, for the different components of documentation and facilitation to meet together.
-We think that instead of one longer video, 3 shorter videos on certain themes would be better. This might be more costly in terms of scripting so we will see. They could also align with the workshop themes.

Graphic reporting: Group sessions, workshops

  • There was some debate here on what is most useful. More people getting involved in our conversation would help decide! :)
  • Right now, we are thinking: Relatograma graphics produced for plenary sessions (2), and short texts for workshops. But there is some resistance to this because we worry recapitulative texts will not end up being useful (see “Alternative Proposal” below.

  • Lucas says Pablo Navarro from Zemos can perhaps do graphics. But we need to discuss more. In any case, yes ECF budget is needed.

  • In theory, this could also maybe include post production on matrix. Most of the matrix activity work would go along with facilitation being provided from MediaLab (still looking to Ana for more clarification). But to design and make it shareable in the end, this would require some additional post work, funds, and a separate skill set - Ana said something like 800. I’m not sure we can fund that too in addition, with this ECF budget. We may have to try later to see if there are leftover funds.

"Alternative" Proposal:

To me the ideal is a bit different than what is described above - but we are somewhat limited with resources. Gaelle emphasized it would be great to have one "documentation" output for each workshop and leaving some space for the groups themselves to determine the content of this - so that they can in a way create their own “tools”, i.e. these documentation outputs. This is more in line with what we had in mind originally for the ECA process.

I think it’s quite important - but they don’t have to be just recaps of conversation, but narrowed down to act more as a tool for a specific aspect of the theme. The conversations we start to introduce within groups at the end of next week will help with this "narrowing down”.

We could create a quota system and allocate one FORM (so graphic, text, video) of documentation output on each workshop, based on what they come up with:

- 3 short thematic videos
- 2 graphics
- 2 texts
= 7 workshops.

[+ ideally one graphic output (Relatograma) of Thursday PM session]

We would need to talk to Zemos more, it is too bad they weren’t in the call.

Post production on matrix - maybe: most of the matrix work would go along with facilitation being provided from MediaLab (still looking to Ana for more clarification on what this would concretely entail). But to design and make it shareable in the end, this would require some additional post work, funds, and a separate skill set. I think we may have extra funds and suggest we treat this, as well as follow up comms and distribution work, separately.

Semantic Wiki

Still unclear how it fits in. In any case, we have a budget from MediaLab for accommodation and travel that could potentially cover the proposal. So we need to still see details but no need to include it in ECF.
Maybe Gaelle’s recommendation idea below can fit in here, or in the facilitation with Medialab.

So, ECF Proposal

I will wait to hear final feedback today from Gaelle and Ana; but I propose we go forward with the 3k ECF proposal as follows, because no matter what we end up deciding it will be some mix of the forms we already proposed: Video, texts, and graphics:

1.3k Video
300 (3 texts with formatting)*
1.4k graphics*

*Maybe we can combine these into once category and see the distribution later.


Ana Méndez de Andés Fri 15 Sep 2017 12:49PM


Thanks Nicole for the report.

I just sent a proposal via email, I copy it here. Please, note that the video part is a bit tricky, as we depend quite a lot on the Medialab. I am sure we can manage to get a format that covers the needs within the available resources (that are not much), but I would leave it to Cemos to think how this can be done, as they have the expertise :)


As we agreed on Wednesday, here I send a reference for documentation costs, as discussed with Lucas, Julio and Patricia (she is also in copy):

_ Video _ 1000€ (This part of the budget could cover the script of the piece and direction of the interviews, in coordination with someone from the ECA coordination team).

I have asked Patricia about the possibility of doing 2-3 videos, and the content/format. As she can explain in detail, the format is quite fixed and corresponds to the examples she has sent before: interviews with more or less 10 people that explain what has happened (and why, and with whom) in during the ECA plus general images from the workshops that will be edited into one single video piece. Nevertheless, the full interviews and all the images will be available for re-use.

_ Relatogramas (graphic description) of collective discussion on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning_ 200€ each. Total 400€

_ Graphic postproduction of Matrices _ 100€ each workshop + 2 cross-over _ Total 900€

(Ideally, this two pieces of graphic work could be done by the same person)

_ Articles based on the workshops _ 100€ each _ Total 700€

As also suggested by Nicole, Lucas thinks we could create a template to help to recolect the information.

Total: 3.000€


Gaelle Fri 15 Sep 2017 3:10PM


From the point of view of the ECA, one aspect that is missing in the discussion about "documentation", it is the targeting of politics and policies.
It's the key element and added value of ECA – what is making it different from just being a network among other networks. And defines why we go to Madrid and why we organize the workshops, the plenary and other meetings and should drive our "productions".

It was very present in our work before, during and after Brussels. It is in our call and design to have commoners to participate in all policies, to promote, develop, strengthen commons. We called upon governments, local and national across Europe, and of course European Union institutions to favor, protect, etc commons, but our way to get them to do that is to actively push what the movement is concertely doing in the form of proposals – through the interactions we organize (Brussels, Madrid, etc) and in the public space.

What we call "documentation" to my understanding is more in fact "production" than pure recording of what is happening.

From the point of view of the ECA I think it make more sense to have one "production" per workshop. In line with what we did in Brussels : concrete proposals from commoners for each theme discussed. Because that is really something that is missing in the public space. It is more useful for the general public who needs to understand what are the existing possibilities, as well as for the policies makers and politicians, rather than general messaging about the commons.

That why, even if it is a little more or different work technically, having 3 short videos on 3 of the themes from the workshop seems better to me than one general one.
We have 7 workshops. When we start discussing with the participants ahead of the meeting in Madrid we can make plans about what it should be for each workshop (I think we will start next week some discussions about the workshops concretely).
- Participatory Tools for Democracy
- Law for the Commons
- Currencies and financing of commons
- Right to the City (Public Space and Urbanism, Housing, Water & Energy)
- Data commons and the collaborative city
- Solidarity as a commons: Migrants and Refugees
- Embodied productions of commoning: Food, Health, and Leisure
Maybe Right to the City, Embodied productions of commoning and another one are the best for videos. But that's just my opinion.
On solidarity I have a suggestion to discuss with the participants.
Some may want some slide shows. Or an infographic.

Of course 3k is not much in terms of money. Maybe we can find a little more to cover our needs, together with the matrix doucmentation. Also, some other organizations (from which belong the participants) may be ok to contribute to the "productions".


Frédéric Sultan Thu 21 Sep 2017 10:33AM

Here is a copy of the message sent in the coordinaition list :

Dear all,
First, I'm sorry that I was not able to react more quickly and that I was not available for last week's discussions on documentation. I think there is a lack of understanding between us on this issue. This may be due to our different ways of working or cultures. So, I share with you some thoughts on this.
Remix the commons (Yves Otis and I), we propose to put ourselves at the service of the process. Our proposal is not an addition to the process, but to put us at the service of the documentation of the meeting and ECA. Our proposal aims to constitute a memory for the action of ECA. It is about collecting the tangible and intangible elements of the meeting and linking them with what has already been shared in ECA. By this we mean:
- Enhance the knowledge of ECA members
- extend and reinforce the network of relations of the actors involved in ECA
- the decisions taken in the workshops
- identify and link the projects and productions,
- to make the important points of the discussions more visible, to keep the traces of consensus
- ...
For this to work, documentation must be integrated into the workshops as a form of work useful to the participants. The idea of ​​harvesting should be an integral part of facilitation. This is not an independent documentation process. It is not an "external service" that will produce something separate or ask the participants to produce something in addition to what they are already doing during the workshops and the meeting in Madrid.
This makes it necessary to be clear about the expectations of the meeting: to name the expectations with participants and not to superimpose different productions: results of the workshop, diagnosis via the matrix and wiki-documentation. What we are proposing is not an approach imposed on participants to gather reports of summaries at the end of each session as an imposed exercise. This would not serve any purpose and risk to turn ECA into a bureaucratic system.
One of the questions is to know what this produces as "final object". The production of this documentation will be a knowledge database on ECA that will enable us to work on useful tools for ECA. For example, this corresponds to Zeljko's proposal this morning.
The studio proposal was a source of misunderstanding because it seems to imply a space with a lot of technical equipment. There is no need for technical equipment. We already have what is needed. But what we need is a space to work with the participants to harvest the meeting : to be able to process and enrich the elements produced by the workshops with the participants. Documentation is not possible without the participation of those present.
Finally, if our proposal does not appear clear and useful for ECA or if it does not meet the expectations of the group, we do not want to impose a such approach.


Nicole Leonard Thu 21 Sep 2017 12:30PM

Here’s an update on the documentation process and what decisions have been made. I know in certain cases there has been disagreement, but we’ve been working on this for a while and I think we all need to trust each other. We haven’t always been able to come to a perfect, explicit consensus on every issue - it’s difficult given people's limited availability. But I’ve been listening to everyone and am confident that this mix represents a fair and realistic way to proceed.

-3k ECF proposal was submitted by Commons Network on Tuesday, to cover a graphic reporter and video capacity (scripting and post-production) by Zemos 98. The idea is that they will work with the technical capacity from MediaLabPrado to script interview questions that are useful both for the longer video of interviews that MediaLab will produce, and for Zemos to post-produce three short thematic videos using the same material.

-The money (900 euro) required for matrix overlay work from Media Lab Prado/ Ana (post-producing the matrix into a shareable, professional resource) can come from the OSIFE budget.

-There will be space for participants from the workshops to create their own documentation in a decentralized manner - e.g. if people want to do a textual blog post, podcast, etc. in the service of the ECA and the commons movement: these forms will be varied and open and aren’t in the budget. Hopefully this can be worked into the facilitation – and perhaps collected as traces through the semantic wiki process Remix the Commons is proposing.

-There are resources to support the travel and accommodation needed for Remix the Commons. As suggested in a recent email, there’s been some misunderstanding of this proposal. I apologize if I’ve contributed to that. But I really don’t think there is a conflict. We just need to consider this with the facilitation and haven’t had the opportunity to really dig into it yet since we’re working at a distance.


Frédéric Sultan Fri 22 Sep 2017 2:55PM

Dear Nicole and all

The issue is not : do we have a conflict or not ? It is what are the expectations of the meeting and how the coherency of the methology will give us the capacity to meet these expectations ? In term of production/documentation, I understand that the main process is oriented for doing a diagnostic on the limits commoners meet in their action, that will be done by creating the matrix and its final representation, the "shareable, professional resource". I am curious to know more about what it will look like concretly and how it will be used as a tool by commoners. The other work decided is the video prod that will be done by ZEMOS/Medialab. All that does not respond to the proposal we have made.And both, to preserve the coherency of the methodology decided, and to not lost energy in diverse parallele processes, it is preferable to withdraw it. I am sure that we will have orther opportunities to explore different approaches of documentation another time.

Lets go ahead with the preparation of the meeting.


Nicole Leonard Tue 26 Sep 2017 9:57PM

Just letting you know that I'm only seeing this now. It's unfortunate we couldn't work together to figure out how to incorporate the semantic wiki because I think many people agree that it's useful. But I understand what you mean about the dynamic and energy.


Mo Diener Mon 9 Oct 2017 8:40PM

Hi @nicoleleonard - #RomaLifesMatter - Detox Dance workshop would need assistance for technical support, space and documentation. I am looking for persons being able to give some support in organisation. Thank you for mailing to mod_mir@gmx.net for details, specific contacts, tips, links.


Lucie Evers Tue 10 Oct 2017 8:31PM

I don’t know where to ask, but I can’t find the form for repayment of tickets? Can somebody help me out?


Nicole Leonard Wed 11 Oct 2017 8:35AM


Lucie Evers Thu 12 Oct 2017 10:05AM

thanks, I filled in the form. I hope my registration was received well, so now all the formalities are ok. I will be attending from 26 till 29 (I arrive late at 25th and leave at 30th).