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Using WoT

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Information on installation can be found here:

Rating a site:

To rate a site, simply click the WoT icon in the toolbar while viewing the site.

Select a rating level for the site, and then you will be asked to select the reason for your rating from a list of available options.

The categories are in three groups:

  • Positive/Neutral. We will often use the "Alternative or controversial medicine" or "opinions, religion, politics" option in this group.
  • Questionable. We will often use the "Misleading claims or unethical" category.
  • Negative. We will often optionally use the "Scam" category at your discretion.

In addition, sometimes there is a fourth group:

  • Other users' opinions: This will sometimes say a suspicious site is a "Good site" or similar ratings, based on the author's own submission. By selecting this, you can disagree with that opinion.

Our suggested ratings will be included in the campaign announcement and some will be left to your discretion, but you are always free to disregard the suggestions and rate a site according to your own opinions.

Normally you should select at most 3 categories for a website to avoid being labelled as a spammer.

You can optionally leave written comments regarding the site, but that is not required.