Mon 13 Dec 2021 8:43PM

PPAC COVID-19 Policies and Practices

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Hi everyone! This thread is where we'll post formal updatse of our current COVID Policies and Practices have discussions and decisions on any changes. Please see the thread below and linked threads for context and development.

Basic Rules:

  • As per New York State guidelines, cooperative members have voted to adopt the policy that all people present at 424 West 54th St. need to be properly wearing appropriate face masks at all times, and should maintain social distance when possible.

  • Do not come into the space if you are symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19. Please follow the NYC Health guidance on isolation and let the PPAC board and close contacts you had in the space know.

  • If you have been a close contact of a known positive case, please follow the NYC Health guidance on whether you need to quarantine. *Please note: "fully vaccinated and up to date" means having received a full first round AND booster dose of one of the vaccines.

Basic guidelines:

  • wash hands / use sanitizer frequently

  • regularly clean high-touch surfaces (e.g., after you use the kitchen, wipe handles and surfaces)

  • keep ventilation high: open windows if feasible and keep all hvac controls at least on the fan setting at max speed)

Occupancy Limits:

As per the recent poll (see below), we will be using the city mandated 25% occupancy cap to set the following safe occupancies for each part of the space (with social distancing as a given): 

  • 25 max on the 1st Floor (Living Room, Cafe/Storefront, and Welcome Area combined. Don’t cram 25 people in the Storefront!)

  • 5 max in the Meditation Classroom 

  • 10 max in the Collaboratory 

  • 2 max in the Large Conference Room 

  • 1 max in the Small Conference Room 

  • 3 max in the Basement Workspace

  • 3 max in the 3rd Floor main space

Fans should be on at all times and if feasible, open a window to introduce fresh air. 

For events and hosting practices (e.g., work-related guests) must have a predetermined guest list, and must follow the above occupancy guidelines (in addition to masking and social distancing at all times).

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please comment below, or reach out directly to the board at [email protected].

(2021 December: previous update/poll)

New York State has issued a formal requirement that all indoor public spaces (defined as spaces that are not private residences) must implement EITHER a full-vaccine requirement to enter the space, or a full mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. (Technically, this requirement is in effect since 12:01am today, Dec 13th). That presents us with a simple question:

Do we want a full vaccination requirement for anyone who enters the space (showing that they are 14 past the final dose of the 2-shot regimes, or from the single shot)? Or do we want to forgo the checking requirement, and mandate that everyone in the space is wearing masks AT ALL TIMES and following social distancing practices?

Either way, we should be actively upholding the basic safety practices:

  • frequent handwashing

  • regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces

  • keeping ventilation high

  • not coming into the space if symptomatic, testing positive, or exposed to a known positive case.

Posting the decision question below. If a quorum of full cooperative members do not vote on the proposal, the board will assume decision-making authority based on responses given and its best judgment.

Current PPAC COVID-19 Policy, recommendations, and current considerations (working) (if you have issues accessing, request access or contact the board: [email protected].)

New York State FAQ on recent requirements (with a link to the original policy statement).

CDC: "Guidance for Implementing COVID-19 Prevention Strategies in the Context of Varying Community Transmission Levels and Vaccination Coverage"


Max Tue 11 Jan 2022 7:21AM

3 - Just Option 2
4 - Option 2
5 - Option 1

The gap between option 2 and the other options is immense, ranked choice doesn't feel sensible granted how polar the choices are. I am specifically just voting for option 2, I am unclear what concrete precedent exists for us to exceed the city mandated levels of space usage. People can of course take advanced safety measures on a case by case basis, but holding optional guildhall use for everyone to a higher bar than anywhere else in the city feels largely negligible from an exposure standpoint.


Carlos Johns-Dávila Tue 11 Jan 2022 7:21AM

3 - Option 2
4 - Just Option 2
5 - Option 1

For the safety of the community and those around us.


Army Armstead Tue 11 Jan 2022 7:21AM

3 - Option 1
4 - Option 2
5 - Option 3

Option 2. To support growing teams.


michelle jackson Tue 11 Jan 2022 7:21AM

3 - Clarification on Option 2
4 - Option 1
5 - Option 2

I wonder what a "limited entry private event" means? How does that work? Is a private event = personal event or a work event? How does that reflect our other COVID protocols and things that need to happen in order to have those "limited entry private events"? I'm unclear if that is really an option for us.


David Tue 11 Jan 2022 7:21AM

3 - Option 1
4 - Option 2
5 - Option 3

I'm saying option 1 because I think we're in the midst of an unprecedented and severe outbreak, though I see it is possibly trending down (looking at Gothamist's summary up to 1/09 and the NYC health Department Omicron report from 1/13 [pdf] ). I see the sense in Option 2 in recognizing each member's agency and responsibility in this time, and will be fine with that result. Really what I'm missing is a clear sense of what triggers a more severe condition - I'd like that to be clear moving on.