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Induction and coaching for financial processes

LM Lyb Makin Public Seen by 26

A couple of questions about current procedures: How do new staff / members learn about Jeder's financial processes, and how do they get their info uploaded into out systems? Is this currently being done well (i.e. effectively and making good use of everyone's time)? If not, how could it be done well?


Deleted User Mon 1 Oct 2018 7:06AM

Thanks for raising this Lyb-this is an area that I think we can do better in. I would be keen to hear people's experiences of how (or if) these kind of things were addressed as you were coming into Jeder. I have been told that some people received no information around this kind of stuff and just floundered for a while until the learnt the ropes by trial and error. I have not inducted anyone myself, so am not sure on the process.


Michaela Kennedy Mon 1 Oct 2018 12:04PM

Everyone goes through an induction process, usually takes 3 hours. A number of documents are discussed including the Jeder handbook and the way the buckets work. There is too much information that is delivered at once. People get a coach who helps them learn the ropes.
In the earlier days of starting a couple of people didn’t have coaching and this may have made it difficult. That doesn’t happen anymore.
A finances handbook is currently being developed for NDIS teams. Coaches are meeting regularly to improve the systems.
Any feedback is welcome; coaches openly receive feedback.


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:20AM

This was raised at the last $Jedi and I agreed to take some of these questions to the Coach's meeting (holding it next week). Basically what I do, is do an induction with all the handbooks and we go through processes, including finances. This is over a couple of sessions as I think its worth investing this time upfront with any new members.
There are a number of forms that are completed and emailed to Finance- from there I presume Finance enters the details into the relevant system (i.e. Quickbooks). I also show the individuals I coach my bucket reports, emails from finance, pay slips etc so they can physically see how it works.
Have you seen a copy of the induction checklist?


Deleted User Thu 4 Oct 2018 9:20PM

I think the induction file could have the sharing permissions expanded-are you able to do this @jasonemmins


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 11:34PM

@kerry63 I think I have shared it with you- can you check and see if it worked (its in GSuite).


Lyb Makin Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:35AM

Thanks for feedback so far... I suppose a further question that I have @michaelakennedy and @jasonemmins is whether you think this is best done by coaches? If so, what more do coaches need? Or whether more specialised financial induction is required?


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:46AM

I would prefer to have someone who knows the finance side, as its not my strength and I always declare this. I always let anyone know they can always approach Finance for more or I suppose now they have the $Jedi to ask specific questions.


Deleted account Fri 12 Oct 2018 2:43AM

Hi everyone. I've been following this thread and can share my experience re finances and coaching. The financial workings of Jeder took me ages to get my head around. I agree with Michaela that the introduction info to it is overwhelming when coupled with everything else, and with being a newbie. I didn't experience any structured, easy to understand info re the financial set up until about 3-4 months in. Lyn explained it to me and it finally sunk in. I think some specialized induction re finances would be great. I know another Jeder newbie had a similar experience to mine and agrees with the idea that more support would be great re this. Not sure if this sits in the realm of coaching or not?
Coaching: Some definite structure around the coaching agreement would be good. I wasn't sure whether the help I received re finances was considered coaching or not. I haven't received coaching around CoS work, and that's fine with me as I work as a CoS in my other role, and haven't felt the need for it. So currently I don't know if I'm being coached or not. I was initially told I may only be cached for 3 months. I'm well past the 3 month mark and we haven't discussed it. So for me, coaching would be useful if it included the financial stuff (or should induction cover this?), and coaching would be useful for a brief period settling in. I would like to see more structure around coaching and a definite agreement and review process. People new to CoS may need a longer coached period.
Phew. That was epic. :)


Dee Brooks Sat 13 Oct 2018 8:30AM

That's some great idea, Alexandria! Welcome to the discussion!


Jason Emmins Wed 24 Oct 2018 11:02AM

Thanks Alexandria- some very good points to consider here. I'm particularly interested to hear what was confusing around the finance processes/arrangements that caused confusion or was difficult to get your head around- this would be helpful for both our handbooks and induction processes.

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