Vision, Mission and Principles

NG Nelson Guedes Public Seen by 10

I think we need some more context to work from when we are making decisions in the group. We need a vision, mission and some guiding principles. What will make us unique? How are we going to change the world? I liked that we talked a bit about that during the last meeting, I thought that was beneficial... we just need to solidify that more now, so we can stay focused and communicate more effectively with others.

Here are my first thoughts on the subject.

A planetary civilization that collaborates, working together, with one mind and one heart, for the benefit of all.

To empower people to work together by developing systems that facilitate and co-ordinate collaboration.

Overarching Logistical Goal 
We will design hardware and software that works integratively to connect people, society and the planet as a whole.

As for guiding principles, when we develop systems, we should strive to make them socially, economic, environmentally and technologically sustainable, as I have outlined here: http://www.collaboralism.org/#!principles/c5hm

Please let me know what you think and we can make changes as needed.



Supa mic Wed 13 Aug 2014 6:15PM

I am happy to adopt these as focus as long as they may be revised later if found more needed.