Thu 27 Oct 2022 6:28PM

<NAME> : Welcome to the Biotech Without Borders Loomio community

D Danny Public Seen by 17

Hi, <NAME>. My name is Danny. I moderate this group and am one of the organizers of Biotech Without Borders.

<It's great that you want to volunteer with us! Do you have something in mind you want to help with? In either case we should plan to either meet in the lab or chat over video to get a sense of what project would be best for you as well as would help our collective. On our website we have a place you can add time to my calendar or if none of those times works you are free to make a time poll here to arrange a time to meet.>

<It's always nice to meet someone new and I hope that you will find what you are looking for on this site. Please reflect on your relationship to our collective structure. Lab Members pay to keep the shared lab space open, but those who are unable to afford this or who just want to experience the online element have to find other ways to engage our community. I'm always happy to chat about options for engagement if you start a time poll here or book time on my calendar via our website. Furthermore I'm curious; how did you heard about us?>

Please read the codes of conduct in the group description and let me know if you have any questions. It may also help to check out the help thread to get oriented. There is also a sandbox subgroup you can join where you can play around without fear of notifying anyone of your experiments. Loomio is for collective decision making so a lot of its (visual) design is geared towards relating everything to a context which is posted at the top of a thread (and is ideally kept updated with the underlying discussion).

You might have to make sure that emails coming from Loomio aren't being shunted into your spam or else you'll miss out on decisions when they arise (if you're not a lab member, then likely this will be rather infrequently). The address they come from is notifications@loomio.com. You can read more about notifications in the help documentation. I find the default levels good, if a new thread notifies you but you are uninterested you can unsubscribe at the thread level.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you think you see any inappropriate behaviour. This is a private thread where you can bring up specific issues pertaining to the code of conduct should they arise. I hope you are able to participate in the existing public threads, since that is where you can engage with other community members. To start, it would be great if you introduced yourself on this thread.