Tue 7 Jun 2022 9:00AM

Growing the Club

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Oli SB Tue 7 Jun 2022 9:04AM

Hello CDC Members ;)

We're now up to 30 Members but we still have a long way to go to hit our target of 200 by the end of the year, which we need to do to make the Club into a vibrant cooperative marketing community.

If you have any space in your newsletters, or can share something on social media please do, to help us recruit a few more Members.

I've pasted an explanation of CDC below - let me know if you need anything else, images, quotes, graphics etc


Co-op Data Club exists to grow the co-operative economy by helping co-ops support other co-ops. Co-ops often lack the required investment capital to spend on customer acquisition in order to reach scale and financial sustainability. This problem is known as the ‘capital conundrum‘. Co-op Data Club is one idea to help solve this issue by providing cheaper – and free – ways for co-ops to acquire new members and customers by leveraging Principle 6 - cooperation between co-ops.

CDC's initial strategy focuses on networking Co-ops together, to enable them to connect and arrange inter-co-op promotions. Co-op Members that join CDC are added to a Loomio group where they can discuss ideas with other co-op marketeers and exchange promotions for other co-ops to share in their email newsletters, on social media and other channels. 

There are no obligations and no fees at this stage. Phase 2 will involve direct promotions to the shared email list, for which co-ops will be charged a small fee, which will be shared with subscribers - who will get paid for opening and reading emails! CDC has several more plans including implementing referral codes for both subscribers and co-ops, so that Members will be able to benefit directly by promoting the club.

Sign up your co-op now and spread the word.





Rebecca Fisher-McGinty Wed 8 Jun 2022 9:26PM

I've shared in a couple coop spots i'm a part of!


Oli SB Tue 7 Jun 2022 9:08AM

And here's some text you could use for a Tweet / FB / Other post:

Co-op Data Club exists to grow the co-operative economy by helping co-ops support other co-ops. If you work for a co-op, or know any co-ops that want to support Principle 6 please join and encourage others to join: https://coopdata.club Support #cooperation!