Fri 15 Feb 2019 1:55AM

new £4.2m Homes in Community Hands fund - Work group needed

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new £4.2m Homes in Community Hands fund will support community-led housing groups in England to build or refurbish well-built, affordable and future-proof homes designed around the needs of local people. Find out more on the fund, opening March 4th

see here: https://www.powertochange.org.uk/news/4-2m-funding-available-help-community-groups-build-homes

Grants will cover the costs for new build and refurbishment projects of:

Feasibility work to assess the viability of a site or buildings for development
Pre-development work leading to submitting a planning application (if required)
Post planning costs for work to get a project ready to start on site


Lawrence Morgan Sat 16 Feb 2019 8:47PM

Homes in Community Hands guidance , Guidance to help you produce a successful application


Lawrence Morgan Thu 28 Mar 2019 8:45AM

we still require some working groups to look at each of these funding stream?