Universal Acceptance

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Here's a thread to discuss what we should be doing on UA


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Revised Summary of Consensus Positions on SubPro Recommendations for Universal Acceptance Closed Wed 10 Jun 2020 11:02AM

Following the CPWG call of 13 May 2020, here is a proposed revision of the summarized consensus positions on Affirmation #1, Affirmation #2 and Recommendation #3 collectively. Details of these can be found in the attached ppt.

Since Universal Acceptance (UA) is often discussed in conjunction with Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), attached also for reference is the ppt for the SubPro recommendations on IDNs post input from the IDN-WG.

Revised Summary of Consensus Positions on Universal Acceptance

At-Large remains convinced that any expansion of the new gTLD market must actively and effectively facilitate the inclusion of the next billion Internet end-users – those who depend on IDNs and IDN-emails.

Merely “welcoming and encouraging the work of UAI and UASG” even if “strongly” has no real effect on the goal of promoting Universal Acceptance.

To this end, SubPro PDP WG must recommend for greater action towards UA adoption in a number of ways:

Adoption of UA

  1. ICANN must include a metric on UA adoption by third parties as a measure of success for New gTLD Program because without greater adoption of UA, any expansion of the new gTLD Program would not facilitate inclusion of the next billion Internet end-users.

Promotion of UA-readiness

  1. ICANN must invest in being itself able and ready to communicate to registrants and end-users in languages/scripts for LGRs that have been released under the IDN Variant TLD Implementation.

  2. ICANN must strongly encourage Registries and Registrars which are owned by the same entity to be UA ready in any new gTLD application since these are the entities best positioned to offer IDN TLDs/SLDs.

  3. The application process must require all Applicants to state:

  • The level of UA-readiness of their Registry operations, including whether they have policies in place to respond to IDN-email or to introduce IDNs.

  • The level of readiness, both at Registry and Registrar levels, to accept IDN SL domain name registrations.

    ** Aside, perhaps some priority for IDN new gTLD applications? In what feasible ways?


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