Sat 11 Aug 2012 8:28PM

Why do cats paint?

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Benjamin Knight Sat 11 Aug 2012 8:28PM

Many cats are skilful painters. Some are impressionists, some are expressionists, and some paint exquisite Xmas card nativity scenes, but with cats instead of people. .

It's time we discovered why.


Anne Marie Basquin Tue 14 Aug 2012 5:53AM

Alternatively, we could just lock some in a room together and see what happens. What if they don't paint?


Matthew Gillies Thu 16 Aug 2012 8:05AM

cats don't need to paint. They just do it to sell coffee table books, and that's SICK!


Benjamin Knight Thu 16 Aug 2012 9:47AM

What's sick is that Whitcoulls is charging $39.99 for the new edition of Why Matt's Paint. And you don't even paint that much!


Benjamin Knight Thu 16 Aug 2012 9:48AM

PS have you dudes figured out how to invite other peepz yet? Just ask if you have any questions queries and qualms!


Anne Marie Basquin Wed 5 Sep 2012 6:03AM

Hey Ben! Didn't realize you'd posted more, I didn't get any email prompts and haven't checked. Haven't figured it out yet but will soon. Will let you know if I need some help! One questions I had was can there be two or more proposals being discussed at one time?


Benjamin Knight Sat 8 Sep 2012 12:21AM

You have discovered the dark secret that there aren't email notifications when new comments get posted in the discussion!! There are only email prompts when a new proposal or discussion has been started in the group - this is so we don't flood people's inboxes with unnecessary alerts. BUT we're currently working on a system where if there's very little activity in a group (i.e. for a new user only involved in one discussion, like yourself) then it does send email alerts, but reduces the number as the level of traffic increases. Does that sound like it would work to you?


Anne Marie Basquin Sat 8 Sep 2012 3:34AM

hey, I think that would work pretty well. But now that I know there aren't email alerts I know to check it regularly! Thand you! What about the other question? Can you discuss two or more proposals at one time?
Thanks Ben! Did you guys get my postcard?


Benjamin Knight Sat 8 Sep 2012 10:07PM

Sorry I didn't see the other question! But yes indeed you can have multiple proposals open at the same time - you just need to open multiple discussions (go back out to the 'Flat 24' page from the My groups drop-down, and click Create New Proposal. You can have a look here ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fGYdfBIvc-n5qdnv7fgmmHfjjiAMse_9pa1pZT_tzQ0/edit ) to see the way that another group is running 3 concurrent proposals to choose between competing options.

We did indeed get your lovely postcard, thanks so much!!! I sent you an email about it - did you get it?


Benjamin Knight Sat 8 Sep 2012 10:15PM

I totally pasted the wrong link! Ignore that other one - the one I meant to post was: http://loom.io/groups/194 . Ignore that other one!

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