Sun 26 Aug 2018 7:27PM

Name change here on Loomio and on Facebook.

SW Sara Wolf Public Seen by 212

Hi all, this forum has been a great resource for election reformers in Oregon and it had a big role to play in the fine tuning of STAR Voting and the decision to run with STAR Voting as the reform with the most support in our community. It began as the forum for RCV-OR which was meeting regularly in Portland at the time but from the beginning it was clear that that name was too narrow to accurately describe the membership.

With that in mind FairVote recently requested we move away from the name RCV OR and they agreed to not co-opt that name themselves or support any group which does so either so as to not mis-represent our group and membership. This was one of many agreements made on the "Cross Team Dialogue" Loomio which represented leadership from all the largest voting reform advocacy groups in the country.

So, we've got this forum here, Election Reform Oregon, and Election Reform Oregon Discussion Group, and Election Reform PDX on facebook. These groups contain a broad membership and include advocates of a number of reforms and proposals. This group is not controlled or representative of any organization and is intended to remain broad and inclusive for the movement as a whole.

Please continue to use these groups for more focused debate, conversations, and organizing for the OR election reform movement! There is also a STAR Voting Team Loomio which is for focused work on STAR campaigns, but for discussion and threads that are less time sensitive please use this group!

Thanks for being here.