Wed 20 Jul 2016 1:18PM

Two events today in Boston

BW Bill Wendel Public Seen by 300

After the disappointing attendance at our first unconference we're presently focusing on leveraging the impact of other events, by layering our own agenda / questions on top of them. Two events today provide an excellent idea of how that's beneficial: The city's user survey's revealed that housing was the #1 content area that residents wanted from a new site.

  1. Boston.gov Launch Party 4:00-7:00pm Central Library in Copley Square - 700 Boylston St http://bit.ly/BosGovLaunch

Will it be included in tonight's presentation, and more importantly, will the site's content be based on "old school" models or point to the emerging real estate ecosystem (particularly given the money-saving mission of the city's #HousingILab?

  1. Conversation in Civic Innovation: Financial transparency and citizen engagement 5:30-8:30pm Microsoft NERD - 1 Memorial Dr 11th Floor http://bit.ly/TransPGov

If tonight's agenda focuses too narrowly on municipal finance issues, it's not clear whether attending the second event will be worthwhile, so we've used Twitter to ask:

.@MSNewEngland Panel on #Transparency & citizen engagement limited to finance or other policy issues? eg Should cities know who's buying RE?


Planning or know about events that overlap with the emerging ecosystem in real estate? Share them with our fledgeling #RE2020 community and invite other pioneers / change agents to join us!

Bill Wendel