Wed 8 Apr 2015 2:51AM

Keynote: How Has the World Changed?

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We are posting a series of Loomio discussions about sessions and talks coming up at the conference, so participants can have a chance to discuss the topics, ask questions, and interact with the presenters.

Keynote: How Has the World Changed?

Sascha will open the conference giving a broad swepping talk showing how "Open" really changes everything! He will share how we're at a critical juncture that could lead to a more liberatory technological ecosystem, but that we're currently on a far darker path, heading into more of a "Digital Feudalism" (as exemplified by ever increasing lockdown of consumer services, applications, devices, and platforms).

Sascha Meinrath has been described as a “community Internet pioneer” and an “entrepreneurial visionary.” He is Director of X-Lab, focusing on thought-provoking, bold tech policy interventions. He also founded the Open Technology Institute and was named to the “TIME Tech 40” in 2013 as one of the most influential figures in technology.


Alanna Irving Wed 8 Apr 2015 2:52AM

Please post your comments and questions and @saschameinrath will be by to participate when he gets a chance.