Thu 16 Apr 2020 10:54PM

PANDEMIC response

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Can we meet to discuss if we should adapt the food buying club to help members get access to healthy food during the lockdown?


josephine grey Thu 16 Apr 2020 10:59PM

we also have a garden to plant.. and need to tell the MP office we can work with summer job youth safely /online and need to be ready to engage in emergency preparedness/food security work


josephine grey Thu 16 Apr 2020 11:00PM

we should also at least say something on our website and sm channels


josephine grey Fri 17 Apr 2020 7:57PM

the lockdown will be lifted by this summer most likely - either way we need to decide what we can do and want to do and be ready for whatever


josephine grey Sat 18 Apr 2020 4:57AM

i apologize for forgetting to send an invite to the online urban/rural food system forum we decided to co-organize with Greenpeace and NFU (GTA local farmers), instead of the day long assembly we had planned for April 7th. It starts April 21st 7-9 Been so busy getting it together and studying all the changes and measures being made that i forgot to send the invite (this week) to our co-op board! please see attached invitation and agenda and let me know if any questions etc.


josephine grey Mon 27 Apr 2020 8:33PM

checking to see if loomio is reaching people


josephine grey Thu 11 Jun 2020 6:32PM

Summer Job Funding

Hi all please review the following notes re hiring for the summer jobs we have been granted:

  • Approved 6 positions

    • 8 weeks (35 hours/week)

    • $14/hour

  • Service Canada notified us about the funding on May 29. Initial start date set for June 1, 2020. Propose to move start date to July 8th, 2020. Deadline for Applications- June 20th

    • Larry to relay information to Greg and move start date and to request advanced payment.

  • Need to update job descriptions

    • Larry to contact Greg to update the information for the job postings


  • Marketing/Outreach/Communication (2 positions)

    • Website development

    • Content creation

    • Marketing material creation (pamphlets, leaflets, handouts, posters)

    • Outreach for existing programs

    • Communication with members and community (emails etc.)

    • Collaborate with all other teams to promote activities and create a marketing plan (BFBC, garden, research & education)

  • Bulk Food Buying Club (2 positions)

    • Search for more suppliers

    • Modify, improve and implement new smoother process

    • Research, plan and implement time bank operation with BFBC (Food supply from Lily)

    • Collaborate with Garden and other teams to incorporate other activities into the time bank

    • Collaborate with Research & Education to provide information regarding BFBC purchases to create meal plans and recipes

    • Coordinate and be responsible for the operations of the BFBC orders and pickups

  • Garden/OASIS Architectural Design (1 position)

    • Maintain the community garden/greenhouse

    • Collaborate with Green Thumbs Growing Kids to develop summer collaboration program

    • Develop architectural designs for the food hub

    • Potential support role for other positions (Could potentially do more as there isn’t much)

  • Research/Education/Planning - Emergency Prepared Food (1 position)

    • Research and create plans for nutritional meals

    • Create recipes, cooking instructions/videos to be posted online for outreach.

    • Run online cooking classes for healthy nutritional meals

    • Plan healthy meals with ingredients from BFBC & Garden

    • Plan and implement program to create meals prepared with ingredients from the BFBC & Garden (pending grant and funding approvals)

Hiring Process

  • Interviews will be conducted by the hiring committee

    • Hiring Committee: Larry, Josephine, Roxanne

  • Hiring committee will compare candidates for each role and select the top 3 candidates for each position.

  • Hiring committee will submit all selected candidates to the Board for review and decision.

  • Hiring committee will put forward a recommendation amongst the top 3 candidates for each role.

  • The Board will be able to comment and express concerns and opinions regarding the recommendation and remaining candidates.

  • The Board will vote on adopting the recommendation and hiring the recommended candidate.

    please reply with any concerns questions etc. If no serious concerns or other recommendations are received by Monday am, we will proceed as outlined above. The hiring call/job descriptions have been posted (sorry for me delay delay in posting these notes).

    we are proposing to fill 4 of the positions with current team members we know can do the work well and are dedicated. the process described above is for the remaining two positions.


Poll Created Mon 4 Jan 2021 9:16PM

membership development Closed Thu 7 Jan 2021 9:02PM

Hi all, now that we have more visibility and traction-#1 I would like to propose setting up a membership communications and development work group to do things with the website and socials for boosting and engaging our membership.

This could also help re-animate the timebank among our volunteers - #2 we should start a new timebank account in Roxy's opinion - I agree... do you?

Also, #3 we could make a small contract with Eileen (web master from the summer team) to work on website updates. say $500 -she could help lead the group for that.

Yi Fan is very keen on this, she in the far north in BC working part time in the local school and has been. I would like to invite Parul - who is bored at home with toddler in India and would like to do something. I will participate as well, and likely Hali. Some ideas are to invite stories and pictures via instagram, have a members' forum space where people can share ideas and info. A modest honorarium for Yi Fan and Parul (100$?) who have solid knowledge and experience with the co-op and St j to contribute, would be nice if we can find enough slack in the budget. There may be some costs for their ability to fully engage online- imo it would be good to put this group on Lark.

From there I am thinking to start collecting evidence for a human rights report update- LIFT could lead some of this to keep the co-op protected if we want.

Please reply asap so i can call Eileen and Parul


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Petra hanzlik
Tue 5 Jan 2021 2:07AM

I love the idea of re-animating time bank as quickly as we can and yes starting over just to start, sounds promising!! I love the idea of bringing parul and yiFan back and drawn them in with their fine skill set- we’re going international!! YEAH 🥳💥Thanks jo for giving this such careful thought!

There may be more to comment on but this is what immediately captures my attention


Tue 5 Jan 2021 2:07AM

I like the suggestions. But the first important thing I would say is to have a clear time-bound communication strategy with results trackable. Without it, we may be commencing a journey to go nowhere.


Larry Tue 5 Jan 2021 2:16AM

Tbh, I have zero capacity to figure out if we have any budget to support any of the work you mentioned until mid next week. I am completely tied up with work for the AGM.

I agree we should have the project but we need to have someone lead it. There are 5 people mentioned above in the proposal and from my past experience with projects, that's too many cooks in the kitchen, considering the proposal is to compensate everyone with a very small honorarium without a lead role. We should have a small paid contract for a project manager/project lead position who can see the project through and through and be held accountable for the project. And that project lead should be supported by a volunteer working group. Not having accountability and not having a point guard is how the project falls apart into pieces.

To the proposal above, I agree with the project and the goals of the project but cannot provide details on whether we can financially support the project until at least mid next week.