Sun 28 Apr 2013 6:37PM

What is it that we want to do.

AJ Amanda Johnson Public Seen by 11

Just sitting around and talking is cool but we should be clear on what the directions and goals are. What function do people see this serving?


kbenjamin sauerhaft coplon Sun 28 Apr 2013 9:04PM

we want to fight copyright,
most of the successful activist groups are the ones that focus on one issue eg. NRA


Alex M (Coyo) Sun 28 Apr 2013 9:20PM

I do not know. I did not form the PU,

As for the PPI, We need to fight for human and civil liberties as applied to the Internet, digital life, access and media.


Nick Tue 30 Apr 2013 4:24AM

I believe we wanted to lobby the PNC...


Alex M (Coyo) Tue 30 Apr 2013 5:38AM

I'm doing research on how to construct the infrastructure for TXPP activism and community engagement.


Zacqary Adam Green Tue 30 Apr 2013 8:18PM

Fighting copyright? Yes. Absolutely. But you've all seen the Pirate Wheel, right? http://falkvinge.net/pirate-wheel/

The more you think about society in general, the more you realize that copyright, Internet civil liberties, open access, and all these issues are part of a holistic problem. And huge, sweeping, holistic agendas are what political parties are all about.

Yes, @kbenjaminsauerhaft, let's do the copyfight. Yes, @alexmcoyo, let's fight for a free Internet and open access. Yes, @nicholasdesalvio, let's lobby the PNC, the state parties, and any organization that puts "Pirate" in its name. Let's do all these things, and more. We're a big tent. Help out with whichever project interests you, and just cheer from the sidelines for the ones that don't.

We don't have to worry about spreading ourselves too thin, because we're all autonomous individuals. On Wikipedia, the microbiology experts write about microbiology, and the philosophy experts write about philosophy. Our copyfighters will fight the copyfight, our lobbyists will lobby, our politicians will run for elected office, our community organizers will organize communities, and dammit we will pirate every good idea from each other that we find!

MIT has a place called Building 20, where they just glommed all these people from different departments together. They bump into each other in the hallways, talk about their work in completely unrelated fields, and suddenly this mixing of knowledge and fields brings them to these wonderful epiphanies.

Pirate Underground is our Building 20.

What's our direction? Every direction! The question is, what's yours?


Amanda Johnson Tue 30 Apr 2013 10:14PM

A very inspiring speech there Zac ;).

I think you summed up what I want for PU very well. We don't need to agree on a course of action to do it. This is just a meeting place of individuals to discuss various projects. Anything and everything is up for grabs. The big project that I see people wanting to work on is policy right now so I will make a subgroup for just policy discussion. Feel free to add in anything else you wish though. The sky's the limit people.