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Meeting Minutes 29 December 2016

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PHT Minutes 29 December 2016-12-29
Mark and Hannahs
Present: Liz, Mike, Tina P, Pete, Mark A, Justin and Holly
Minutes: Mark

Givealittle campaign for PHT:
Confirmed by MA that can use Givealittle.
Purpose (HollY): To contribute to the capital fund of the housing trust to meet its aims

Looked at Jennifer Martin’s report and proposed blog. All good with it.

HJE: We need to be clear on who owns homes – what is the model we want to achieve?

KH:A question we didn’t ask was who would be interested in selling a property to the trust

Mana Whenua Relationship
HJE: Alex Kebbell. Think its important we need someone to rep Ngati Haumia.
MA: why would she rep as not Ngati Haumia
HJE: She would be a conduit.
HJE: Nobody has gone to mana whenua while meanwhile we have gone to the media – that is wrong.
PH: Raima was given that action to liase.

KH: What is policy in invitjng people into Loomio?
Its only open in so much as we agreed that anyone in group can invite other people in.

Mike: What is the policy around the council housing?
HJE: Bring Janet Holborrow into it.
HZ: the council housing land was given by Ngati Haumia
PH: There appears at a glance room for another unit. Also someone else to give us some capital would be KCDC.
MS: There is the strip of land next to campground it is council’s.

Community Consultation.
KH: facilitating criteria from the community. Basing initial ideas for criteria from the survey.
MA: how you facilitate the meeting vital – smaller groups. Provide space for the gripes, but not to lead the discussion.
HJE: can’t expect Maori to feel comfortable in our context. It won’t feel safe. Ongoing issue here is that there isn’t a safe space for Maori where we are the guests.
TP: School is a place.
MA: Let’s take the criteria to Ngati Haumia first.
JC: and the whole kaupapa – do you support this.
TP: Indeed you don’t need to go to the crtieria at the community meeting (agreed PH) but the kaupapa. –
PH: Make it about the possibilities. Values and vision. Opportunities.
KH: criteria is operational from the strategy
PH: then a second strand – a no brainer that doing action like Raima’s.
LK: Listening to fears can be good to inform crtieria.
PH: Key that we have it early.

Last week of January – before school.
Holly will talk to Raima and Karl. Holly is being responsible for this.
One of questions for karl is where is the place for this meeting.
Ngati haumia could do a powhiri at the meeting.
PH: Pete to talk to Carol Reihana as well.
Monday 16 January to know where we stand with Ngati Haumia. Holly to report back by 7 January.

Facilitator: Pete, Mark, Justin – to work on the facilitation for the mtg. Mark to Lead.

Survey Followup
TP: real follow-up at community meeting. Could include feedback of survey.

Some rewording of blog and some messaging discussion for the 69 interested in contributing.

Pete summary from the Buyers
Committed to the trust and securing property for Raima and Pete.
Buy and hold house for the year – is their expectation.
They need their costs to be covered also when sold at the end. All interest payments and rates covered. Rent won’t cover that that Raima and Pete can afford to pay.
PH: we shouldn’t agree to buy it back at the same amount as they bought it .
We need an agreement with them that over a 6-12 month period we could trigger an option to buy at market valuation.
It is buyer’s risk not ours.
Possible that the shortfall in meeting their costs could come at the end.
Raima and Pete pay as much as they can – and then we find a way to cover the shortfall.
Why not put the money into paying for more teacher aide work at the School for Raima?
Nice thing to ringfence Givealittle money to future deposit.
Buyers interested in how PHT can assist in maintenance and upgrade – there’s some thinking as to how that can work. Labour. (they provide the materials)

TP: There is a donation $10,000 and a $5000 donation

Being a Housing Trust
Mike and Tina working on Ttrust formation and talking to Dwell.

Anything we have to go to the buyers re the state of the house? They will do their sums. Someone will meet with them 10 January. Pete happy to meet with them.

Mark to talk to the buyers about anonyminity. For now their names aren’t recorded on Loomio and just referred to in minutes as the buyers,

Meeting closed 6.44pm