Adding a b1 API endpoint for getting Poll by key

M miriam Public Seen by 79

Hello, I have been using the new "b1" endpoints that @Rob Guthrie added recently for a Loomio integration I'm working on. I'd like to add a way to get a Poll's data (specifically stance_data is what I care about). I am starting a Poll using the POST b1/polls endpoint, and then waiting for a webhook event to notify me that the poll is closed. At that point I would like to know the stance data of the poll (it is not contained in the webhook event body).

My suggestion is adding index to existing API::B1::PollsController which returns a collection:

GET http://localhost:3000/api/b1/polls?poll_key=[key]&api_key=[key]

returns: Poll.where(key: params[:poll_key])

I already added it locally, so I can open a PR if the general idea sounds OK. Another approach could be to add an endpoint for stances, or to include stance data in the webhook event body.



Robert Guthrie Tue 9 Feb 2021 11:12PM

Hi @miriam I've added new endpoints for show poll and show discussion.

For poll, It's a little different to how you have implemented it, but does the same thing.

You'll need to edit your API endpoint and add support for show_poll, and check out the updated API documentation.

It should include stance data too.


miriam Wed 10 Feb 2021 5:03PM

Perfect, thanks @Rob Guthrie!


miriam Thu 14 Oct 2021 5:54PM

Hey @Rob Guthrie! I have a bug report on a b1 endpoint, where's the best place to report that?

When using the b1/polls endpoint to create a poll, passing any of the following params cause a 500 response: recipient_audience, recipient_user_ids , recipient_emails, and recipient_message. I think it's because they are not attributes on Poll.

Here's a branch with failing tests, as an example https://github.com/loomio/loomio/compare/master...mashton:bugreport_b1_unknown_attribtues


Robert Guthrie Thu 14 Oct 2021 10:26PM

Hi @miriam, here's good. I'll fix this today. I saw the error come though sentry and wondered if that was you. Thanks for the extra reminder - I'm surprised I've not got a test for this. Will report back shortly.


Robert Guthrie Fri 15 Oct 2021 1:37AM

ok, @miriam, I've just deployed a fix for this, and written some tests, so I'm fairly confident you can now create a poll and invite people to it with a single API call, as you were intending.


miriam Fri 15 Oct 2021 1:48PM

Awesome it's working now, thanks for the quick fix @Rob Guthrie