Feature Request: Required Field with Custom Question for Requests to Join a Closed Group

MC Matthew Cropp Public Seen by 68

I'm in a Loomio group which is the governance space for another website, and we want to make sure that new people who request to join our Loomio have a presence on that platform as well. As the user-names don't automatically line up, we got to thinking today that it'd be useful to be able to customize and make required the text field that people can current fill in when applying to join a group, so, for instance, we could ask them to share their user name on the other site.


Robert Guthrie Mon 6 Apr 2020 10:02PM

Yikes, this has been on our roadmap for Such a Long Time. We really must prioritise it. I'll give it a shove. Thanks for bringing it up @Matthew Cropp