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This Sunday! Equal Vote's Meet-up and Volunteer Catalyzation!

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Hope to see you all this Sunday at 3 for our General Meet-up! We're having the event at Lucky Lab so this is the perfect opportunity to grab a bite or a drink, get up to speed, and get connected with Equal Vote and RCV Oregon.

Equal Vote's Meet-up and Volunteer Catalyzation!!

Who: New and committed members both! Future catalysts!
Where: Lucky Labrador Brew Pub. 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97214
When: This Sunday at 3 PM - 5:30 PM

3:00 We're having the event at Lucky Lab off Hawthorne so food and drinks will be available. Order, get comfortable, introduce yourself!

3:30 A brief orientation on what Star Voting (SRV) is, and why we need this innovative new voting system.
* Updates from our Legal, Education, and Outreach Teams.
* Opportunities to volunteer with specific projects where you are guaranteed to make a difference, no matter what skills you have or amount of time you are available.
* Q and A.

4:30 or 5:00ish Time to socialize and get to know each other or coordinate on upcoming projects and plans.

We haven't had an RCV Oregon General meeting for a while but we've been super busy! We've officially teamed up with Equal Vote and taken on their name. We've field tested Score Runoff Voting (now re-branded as Star Voting) in live elections and polls. We've pitched Star Voting at events like Portland Forward's Spring Thing as well as Startup Weekend Social Impact!

We have teams of people working on ballot measures, legal infrastructure, fundraising, outreach and education... the list goes on and on. If you've been waiting to see if this has legs, if you have friends who are interested in learning more or getting involved but you haven't wanted to come to a technical planning meeting, if you want to make a difference, if you don't have much available time but want to get up to speed and meet the team, or if you want to work with an incredible team of people to create real change... this Meet-Up is for you!


Sara Wolf Sun 25 Jun 2017 1:46AM