Sat 3 Feb 2018 4:51AM

Tools in the Future of Learning & Education

SO Sandra Otto Public Seen by 312

Let's collect here what useful tools we have found in the space of learning and education - ideally cloud-based and affordable - e.g. :
Self-Awareness Profiling Tools (Self Assessments)
Team and Organisational Awareness Profiling
Development Tools
Delivery Tools
Curation Tools
Creation Tools
Assessment Tools
Tools for Video Recaps
Productivity Tools
Community Tools
Communication Tools
Event Tools
Co-Creation Tools
Online Learning Content
People/Learner System
Learning Managements Systems


Sandra Otto Sat 3 Feb 2018 4:57AM

Amazing Jane Heart from Modern Workplace Learning has just written a review of PebblePad that seems to me a great personal learning platform for people who own a self-directed learning journey as we discussed it: http://modernworkplacelearning.com/magazine/pebblepad-and-modern-workplace-learning/ - interested in your thoughts and experiences