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Hello everyone,

Sorry this has taken us a (really) long time, but better late than never! You can check here the original post about this project

The values workshop in Lisbon at last summit was really great, with a lot of convergence with data from the survey. If you missed it or want to go deeper in the content, you can read

We now want to share three key things with you

  • Our key takeways from survey & workshop
  • Our proposal for a new list of values
  • Our vision of the next steps

Key takeaways

  • There is still a tension between two functions of values: (1) describing how we actually do things (representational), and (2) setting an aspiration for how we would like to do things (aspirational). This tension doesn’t necessary need to be resolved, but has been important to acknowledge.
  • Permanent Beta is super important. It is almost a supra-value (it’s now become the new ‘tagline’)
  • There are currently too many values, -- with overlaps or confusion between various values -- with some values provoking more contestation and debates than others, or more linked to the notion of vision / mission of OuiShare, such as “Impact”
  • Some important values are missing

New list of OuiShare values

Combining our analysis of the survey and workshop, we have a proposal for a new list of values. If you want to refresh your memory on what the current list and descriptions are, see here

Permanent Beta

  • Our learnings from our work : a strong consent around this value and a lot of comments on how experimentation, feedback, continuous learning are important in Ouishare culture / for ouishare people.
  • Draft for a description : OuiShare is an ongoing experiment. With curiosity and an open mindset, we strive to continuously try new things and challenge our assumptions. We believe in learning by doing and improving through reflexivity and iteration.

Proactivity *

* In lack of a better word, anyone else has a better suggestion?

  • Our learnings from our work : this notion of getting things done and not asking permission to start something is really strong in our culture (we often put forward "do-ocraty"). So in our view it also includes the notion of independence when we take it at the individual levels. The notion of OuiShare being an independant organization regarding businesses doesn't really fall in the value part in our opinion. It may reflect in the openness part.
  • Draft for a description : Change starts from people. We believe that actions speak louder than words; so at OuiShare actions and initiative are respected and rewarded. We encourage people to get involved, start projects and take responsibility. While we love working together, we all value our own autonomy. [ we may want to add something about “walk the talk”


  • Our learnings from our work : We found a big overlap in people's mind between these 3 values : Openness, transparency, and inclusion (which was rather seen as diversity). In our opinion Openness reflects the best how we do or try to do.
  • Draft for a description : We believe in the power of openness; towards people, among ourselves and with our content and learnings. We welcome those who want to join us, valuing diversity in approaches, perspectives and backgrounds. We believe in open decision making. We strive for open communication so that everyone can learn who we are, and why, how and what we do. We produce in open source and share our learnings widely.


  • Our learnings from our work : This is one of the "new" value, in the meaning that it wasn't expressed formally even if it was precedently enclosed in our mission (collaborative society...). It's quite present in the comments in the survey (learning together / community / etc..).
  • Draft for a description : Together we go further. It’s that simple.


  • Our learnings from our work : This is the value that was most proposed at a new one. We have the feeling that MPRL is one way of doing it (taking care of our relationships), and that play is also part of it (we take care of ourselves by working on things we enjoy, in a way we like / have fun)
  • Draft for a description : We have learnt the importance of care, mutual support and solidarity. We always strive to remember to take care of ourselves, of each other, of the commons we are building, and of the planet. We believe these dimensions are intrinsically linked and dependent on each other.

_ Why we took out “Impact” ? _
_Impact raised a lot of debates in the survey. It’s more related to why we do things than to how, because it’s not something we measure. It raised the question on what is Ouishare vision and mission today. Anyone willing to take on this project? :-) _

Next steps

Step 1 : Validation

This is only a starting point, so we open up discussion here this summer for:

  • Do these 5 values reflect what OuiShare is and aims to be?
  • Are the descriptions clear and complete in your mind ?

We’re waiting for your meaningful comments in this loomio post if general, and in this document when you have suggestions on the wording itself : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dV5l0Jbm4jrDNVbrCWptYzm3r0DpKTtgk8JG82w6nSY/edit?usp=sharing

Tell us if you feel something important for OuiShare is missing (if you think you or OuiShare “cannot live without it”), or something is detrimental to OuiShare. The right wording may be then found by “communication” people ?

Before next summit it would be great to validate this adjusted list, after having taken into account your reactions and objections.

Step 2 : Communication

Once there is a consent on the values list, we will need to update our different communication documents / channels. Are there volunteers to work on that ? The descriptions are just small ideas for what these could be - we are not comms experts to we’d really like it if others could finalise those :)

Step 3 : Implementation

In our plans, the work didn’t stop with setting a new list of values, but should be followed by regional workshops where communities could have in depth discussions on how these values are or can be embodied in concrete practices. We could then make a book of best practices based on these discussions and suggestions.
How do you feel about it ? If any coordination is needed about it, for the moment neither Elena or Maud can commit to this work. Maud may be back in November to work with you on it, if needed :-)

The "value project team" (Elena, Maud + Joachim)


Jon Schull Sun 30 Jul 2017 2:34PM

I'm new here, so please forgive me if I'm "off-key". But I thought it might be useful to provide a newbie's distillation of these values, written for the other newbies who may not have the patience or cultural background to get all the nuances.

Permaent Beta
* Always a work in progress. Learn by doing, improve by reflecting and iterating.

* Do-ocracy: Don't wait to Do good. Celebrate autonomy and initiative-taking. Actions speak louder than words.

* Open-minded: Open to new ideas.

* Inclusiveness: Open to diverse people with diverse perspectives.

* Transparence: Open access to inner workings.
* OpenSource: We share. [I added that!]

* Together we go further.

* Care for each other, care for the commons, care for the planet. Three legs of a single stool.


Tiberius Brastaviceanu Sun 30 Jul 2017 5:39PM

Great work !

These values resonate with me and feel appropriate for other open and collaborative organizations that I have interfaced with in the past. I think you're describing this new emerging culture here... This is not just Ouishare specific!


Francesca Fri 4 Aug 2017 10:44AM

Awesome summary @maud1 @eledenaro and @joachimlohkamp1 !! I think we're getting very close to something we can update now. It's excellent that the values are much fewer but have more depth, because we will all have an easier time remembering them then :).

In terms of the wording, I would like to propose the word agency instead of proactivity, which means something very similar and is less clunky than proactivity.

For refining the descriptions of each value, could we do that in a google doc?


Maud Wed 9 Aug 2017 2:51PM

Thanks @jonschull , @tiberiusbrastavice and @francesca for your first comments. Following your suggestion @francesca here is a google doc where people can add comments and suggestions : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dV5l0Jbm4jrDNVbrCWptYzm3r0DpKTtgk8JG82w6nSY/edit?usp=sharing

Please @jonschull and @francesca can you add in the doc the comments / suggestion you made in this loomio thread ?


Jon Schull Wed 9 Aug 2017 4:09PM

Done. Thanks for asking!;


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I have read the proposal on the new set of OuiShare Value and shared my reaction and comments


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Albert Cañigueral
Thu 24 Aug 2017 4:43PM

Thumbs up for the amazing work and the synthesis!


Amanda Jansen
Thu 31 Aug 2017 9:00PM

I miss PLAY.. ! ;-) Good set of criteria. I feel also something is still missing..


Juho Makkonen Sat 12 Aug 2017 11:19AM

I really like this new set! Easier for everyone to remember, and focuses on the most essential stuff.

Proactivity as a word is somehow weakest to me (and it seems others share this feeling as this is mentioned in this post). How about "Empowerment"? Wikipedia definition: "The term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority."

I think it captures accurately the "not asking for permission" part, but I'm not completely sure whether it captures also the "do, don't talk" part. Still, I would prefer it instead of "proactivity". But I'm fine with "proactivity" too, so no need to open this discussion again, as it has been going on for a while already. :)


Thomas Dönnebrink Mon 14 Aug 2017 1:09PM

Thumb-up. Like the new set: More focused/concise/catchy. My only reservation is with the word "proactivity". Without going into reasoning: it feels like it doesn't fit well & needs explanation. Like Juho's Wikipedia definition of empowerment and him suggestiong this term. Maybe "(self)empowerment" which IMHO would also cover "do, don't talk/wait" part.


Julie Tue 15 Aug 2017 8:37PM

Awesome work guys ! Thank you @maud1 @eledenaro @joachimlohkamp1
I am pretty in phase with the chosen values but I was a bit taken aback by the loss of "MPRL". Don't misunderstood, I like "care" even more with @jonschull declinaison ! But I feel like I will miss something. Often when I have to describe OuiShare I used our values and after "permanent beta", "MPRL" is the one I am using the most. A way, OuiShare is not just a digital community and meeting people (from OuiShare or not) is what this community is so rich and to be fair our first activity is actually organizing events so people (from different worlds) can meet.


Albert Cañigueral Thu 24 Aug 2017 4:50PM

Suggestion maybe to work also on a catchy half "tweet" long description that people can rembeber and/or can be used as meme? For example "Sorry, we are open!" (http://gerryhumphrey.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/SorryWeAreOpen.png) is a classic or "Open By Design" or "Open By Default".. and maybe use the Care with "Made with care" or "made with care by X or from Y". For Collaboration it is already there in the description :)


Esra Tat Thu 24 Aug 2017 6:22PM

Massive work! Thanks to the 3 of you for leading it! I am really confortable with this new set of values. And particularly thankful for the greater clarity between transparency and openness :)
I've commented the document, but sorry not so inspired with the wording. (I couldn't come up with something better than "proactivity", but I agree this doesn't reflect the "ability to do".).

For the next steps: it would be fantastic if this work could be "implemented" and help communities question/improve the ways of doing. What about empowering a few people in different hubs to carry out this work? Or did you have something else in mind?


Albert Cañigueral Thu 24 Aug 2017 6:50PM

@esratat the tool you mention could be with 4-5 axis à la Pentagrowth (http://pentagrowth.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/pentagrowth_graph_en-600x435.jpg) for self-assessment on the projects / activities that could be used in retrospectives? :)


Hélène Vuaroqueaux Fri 25 Aug 2017 10:36AM

Wow, wow, wow, a big thank you to the three of you! As well, I am comfortable with this new set of value. Yet, I am uncertain about "collaboration" which to my mind, is a bit weak and not distinguishing in comparisons to the others.
As for the external communications, I'd say we should limit the descriptions to two sentences maximum. People won't read more. So I'd follow @jonschull with his suggestions.
I agree we should change "pro activity" for "self-empowerment" or "agency" and would be happy to have the feedbacks of native English speakers on the differences between those two. :) ccs @eledenaro @berniejmitchell @francesca


Ana Wed 30 Aug 2017 5:33AM

Im missing MPRL and Independence. Both are values that I keep repeating while I have to explain how we work at OS and what is important for us. Specially in Spain, Independence is one of the values that come up the most as we are in these permanent debate of what type of collaborative economy we are supporting.


Maud Mon 4 Sep 2017 2:43PM

Thanks all for your feedbacks and votes;

Concerning the value "pro-activity", various propositions have been made for a better word : Empowerment (or self-empowerment); freedom ; agency (and I wanted to suggest as well something like commitment). which one sounds better to you all ? @jonschull @francesca @albertcanigueral @esratat @joachimlohkamp1 @juhomakkonen @eledenaro

Then we had reactions on 3 values being missed : MPRL (2 people report this miss), Independence and Play.

In the survey though these values were not that supported and for some people it wasn’t values at all. That’s why we tried to convey these notions in other values :
—> MPRL is a way we take care of our relationships and culture, it could be a description of how we make the value « care » and « collaboration » alive ? Do you think it could be enough ? cc @anamanli @juliebr
—> Independence « to express the kind of collaborative economy we support » —> wouldn’t that fit more into a vision / mission statement ? As the values are so far quite independent from any mission we may have in OuiShare. What do you think @anamanli ? do you have an objection of not keeping it as one of the 5 values? maybe also what we have in « open » and « care » can help you explaining as well the kid of projects we support ?
—> Play : well for a lot of people in the survey it wasn’t that obvious and not an important value to say aloud. it was more about doing things we like in a way we all enjoy it. And we thought this notion was again in taking care (of ourselves !). Would you have an objection of letting it this way @amandajansen ?

Concerning the descriptions, I agree with short and catchy sentences like @jon proposed. I would let it to a communication team to draft the perfect words, as there were no strong objections in the documents but just suggestions to take into account.

For the next steps, yes @esratat the better would be for each community to think on how to embody these values better. It could be through a workshop or else. I would be happy to help organize workshops on the question and see how we can capitalize on the local reflexions. I don’t personally really believe in using a tool to « assess » quantitatively how we’re doing « à la pentagrowth » @albertcanigueral , but it could be tried !

Please all don't hesitate to share your feedbacks on this last week :-)


Amanda Jansen Thu 7 Sep 2017 8:21AM

Hi there! I feel 'taking care of ourselves' sounds and feels a bit more serious than 'play'. Playfulness is a quality that is something of another quality. It gives flexibility to deal with any issue. Whether that be ourselves, each other, a topic or our set up as a movement. In this way I feel 'taking care of ourselves' turns OuiShare more inward. Now I might be a bit sensitive to these kind of changes since I got deeply involved in similar trajectories and community building. So I am a bit weary for it.. Of course when all of us think 'play' should go.. then no problem. But.. I just wanted to point out that the quality of the value set now is a totally different one than before. A more serious one. Maybe more mature even.. but also more internally directed. Therefore I still miss 'play'. As a fresh quality of a 'beginners mind' (which is also represented in 'permanent beta', but this sounds more organizational and less of a inner quality that makes us curious and flexible. So rather I'd like to replace 'permanent beta' by 'play' or combine.. Just a suggestion.


Myriam Bouré Thu 7 Sep 2017 7:06AM

Awesome work, I feel very comfortable with this new set of value. I guess everyone will have a different way of describing what those values mean to them, and I think we can still continue to say that MPRL is core in OS even if it's not stated as such as a value but included in a care one. Same for independance. I don't have a strong opinion on proactivity/doocracy/empowerment... agency doesn't speak to me, I don't really undertand what it means, I think it's less common term for non native English people.


Juho Makkonen Sun 10 Sep 2017 7:26PM

@maud1 I do think the Wikipedia definition of "agency" captures really well what I think this value means: "Agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices." However, I also do think that @myriamboure has a point in that most folks who will see this value will actually have no idea what "agency" means (I had to look up this definition myself), which might reduce the effectiveness of it as a value.

So my vote still goes for empowerment (I would use it without the "self" part, as I think it's also about OuiShare as a network empowering its members). Agency would be my second choice.


Toni Blanco Fri 15 Sep 2017 4:01PM

Dear all,
sorry @maud1 I am late to this discussion; I just joined the Loomio very recently.

Find here the link of an excerpt of the conference paper I presented this summer at EGOS (European Group of Organization Studies), the most important conference in Europe on Management/Organization Theory.


Although quotes and wording is based in X-Net and Las Indias, (because those are the communities where I did my ethnographic work), I also had in mind Ouishare and Enspiral when I wrote it, so the model is equally valid for Ouishare.

Please note that according to the model, and in a parallel and independent inquiry, I found that Ouishare could be summarized in four values (I say axiological principles because we academics are nasty and love ridiculous nuances), and you've reduced your list to five that are pretty close to those that I selected for my model:

Permanent Beta --> Bricolage

Openness+Collaboration --> Abundance

Proactivity --> Plurarch

Care --> Generativity

By no means I suggest that you should take this four, because I took this wording from those specific groups in order to get a better feedback (which, by the way, was very good). On the contrary, I may change my wording depending on your final decision, if I like your solution better :-)

I am sharing this with you because I think that it can helpto think Ouishare 4-5 values as a SYSTEM: see how different they are, and how each value complements each other. It also may help to write the short explanation of each one, choosing wisely the related words/values that your are leaving outside.

Of course, any feedback on this text will be welcomed. I am currently reviewing this and writing a non-academic version. so I will treasure any comment.


Hugo Guyader Sat 16 Sep 2017 4:39PM

Very interesting ethnographic work @toniblanco! I am also curious about your academic affiliation ;)


Toni Blanco Sat 16 Sep 2017 11:05PM

Thanks Hugo
I am currently an associate professor at EADA Business School. The director of research at EADA is Boyd Cohen.


Jon Schull Sat 16 Sep 2017 2:31PM

@toniblanco Thanks for sharing. I like your diagram and approach. Your four values certainly resonate with me for e-NABLE.

But it's not clear to me that your mappings make sense.

For example, the essential element of Care, for example is compassionate humanism. I think Abundance makes that possible, and necessary. Generativity may be a side effect, but not an esential one.

I'd b interested in discussing this. Where are are you located (online or in space? I'm in New York City through Monday, and live in Rochester NY).


Toni Blanco Sat 16 Sep 2017 10:58PM

Thank you Jon,
to choose one value over other, when you want to keep the list short, is a matter of how to build the more inspiring narrative, and what do you want to stress to reach the people you want to reach. In my model, care is the unavoidable consequence of generativity (as I understand it), but probably the other way around as well. That said, I consider more important the practices that make those values effective, than the values themselves. That is why I think that if you prefer to talk about care in the first place, I think that is valid and maybe wiser, because generativity is not an easy word.

I live in Barcelona (Spain) but we can skype/hangout next week in the morning your time, afternoon my time. I really like e-nable, it would be a pleasure to know more about it.


Maud Thu 21 Sep 2017 11:20AM

Dear all,

Sorry I'm a bit slow at facilitating that discussion, busy taking care of my newborn...
Still, some presentation was prepared for munich summit, sharing a synthesis of your valuable feedbacks :

About the list of values

Pro-activity : need for a better word. Agency has been proposed but seems not easily understood by all without a description. → Suggestion is to put Do-ocracy instead (already in our vocabulary)

MPRL : some people report to miss it as a value, but no strong objection it seems. → Suggestion is to make it more obvious in the description of values (something like the best collaboration happens when people meet in real life ?)

Play : the playfulness has disappeared from this new set and can be missed indeed; cf Amanda’s reactions. → Suggestion is to combine it somehow with Permanent Beta (make it more visible in the description)

On the descriptions
Need for shorter / catchy descriptions, at least for external communication. See Jon Schul’s propositions.

As a result, and before communcation works on the wording, the updated list would be something like :

  • Permanent Beta : Always a work in progress. Learn by doing, improve by reflecting and iterating. +Give feedback and keep playing.

  • Do-ocracy : Don't wait to Do good. Celebrate autonomy and initiative-taking. Actions speak louder than words. + finding way to "tone down" this autonomy to have a glimpse of interdependence from the network?

  • Openness :
    Open-minded: Open to new ideas.
    Inclusiveness: Open to diverse people with diverse perspectives.
    Transparency: Open access to inner workings. (& add decision making ?)
    OpenSource: We share.

  • Collaboration : Together we go further. (and add something like “it’s even stronger when we MPRL”)

  • Care : Care for each other, care for the commons, care for the planet. Three legs of a single stool + _ Take care of your own journey_


  • Validating the new set of values
  • Autumn 2017 : “branding” the new set → need for a team to find final wording of descriptions of values for internal & external communication and Update website and other supports speaking about the values
  • 2017/2018 : Possible to run regional workshops on Values & Practices (Maud ok to help on designing and coordinating workshops and collecting results from november)
  • Documenting the process of updating Ouishare Values / writing an article… → Maud (2018)
  • To be decided : budget for this work (had been discussed in april in OS France)

Poll Created Thu 21 Sep 2017 11:24AM

Validating the new values set of OuiShare Closed Sat 30 Sep 2017 10:09PM

by Maud Wed 4 Oct 2017 2:43PM

Thanks all for your reactions and valuable inputs.

The updated set of values of OuiShare has been validated : Permanent Beta, Do-ocracy, Openness, Collaboration & Care are how we want to do things. Being playful and meeting people in real life will be present in the descriptions.

Next steps :

update the handbook : Maud / in the coming weeks
update the website : (and certainly do some rewording of the descriptions) --> will take place in the website project presented by Hélène V, beginning of 2018
documenting the process : Maud + team, before end of the year
regional workshops on how we live and work accordingly to our values / from values to practices --> whenever you want, Maud will be happy to help design and coordinate those workshops, if we have local volunteers to organise those workshops.

Taking into accounts the different feedbacks here is the adjusted proposal (please see my last comment for more details). The wording may evolve lightly when a communication team will work on it.

Permanent Beta : Always a work in progress. Learn by doing, improve by reflecting and iterating. +Give feedback and keep playing.

Do-ocracy : Don't wait to Do good. Celebrate autonomy and initiative-taking. Actions speak louder than words. + finding way to "tone down" this autonomy to have a glimpse of interdependence from the network?

Openness : Open-minded: Open to new ideas. Inclusiveness: Open to diverse people with diverse perspectives. Transparency: Open access to inner workings. (& add decision making ?) OpenSource: We share.

Collaboration : Together we go further. (and add something like “it’s even stronger when we MPRL”)

Care : Care for each other, care for the commons, care for the planet. Three legs of a single stool + Take care of your own journey


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Thu 21 Sep 2017 12:28PM

Couldnt spend deeper time, but as I read the values they do resonate a lot with me !!


Alexandre Bigot-Verdier
Thu 21 Sep 2017 1:36PM

Wasn't at the summit but I am aligned with this set. Good job!


Albert Cañigueral
Sat 23 Sep 2017 11:49AM

Great job! Congrats! :) .. when 100% final we can translate to other languages


Mon 25 Sep 2017 9:37AM

Bravo! I recently had to tell someone our values, and for the first time I could easily remember them all)


Antonin Léonard
Tue 26 Sep 2017 7:24AM

Straight to the point!


Sarah Eisenmann
Wed 27 Sep 2017 6:37AM

like it!


Thu 28 Sep 2017 6:29AM

I think the openness value needs a bit more work to include all these concepts (inclusiveness, transparency,..) but overall I agree with this outcome. Thanks @maud


Nai Naiarara
Thu 28 Sep 2017 6:10PM

Thanks for the work :)
However, I don't really agree that there's much of inclusiveness within OuiShare. I would suggest DIVERSITY (the fact of many different types of things or people being included in something).


David De Belleville
Fri 29 Sep 2017 9:24PM

Great! let's know regularly evaluate how we fare -individually and collectively- on these values :)


David De Belleville
Fri 29 Sep 2017 9:24PM

Great! let's now regularly evaluate how we fare -individually and collectively- on these values :)


Marie Vives
Fri 29 Sep 2017 9:26PM

I liked very much "play" & "impact"


Toni Blanco
Sat 30 Sep 2017 9:50AM



Toni Blanco Sat 30 Sep 2017 9:55AM

I was not able to put in my vote the following ideas for the communication team that is going to work the wording:

  • a Beta is not a "work in progress", is a functional finished stage of an unfinished project. The "work in progress mindset" is dangerous for those that want to work in permanent beta. I would avoid that expression.
  • As I explained, do not worry because do-ocracy could lead to excessive individualism. No value should be considered separately. Do-ocracy is perfectly framed by the forces of openness, collaboration and care. Our values are a dynamic system of values.
  • Diversity implies inclusiveness and maybe defines better openness.
  • Collaboration (or cooperation) is important because federates skills, knowledge and competences, the force of diversity, and implies the effective and public acknowledge of the value of diversity.
  • MPRL could be mentioned in care: the materiality of the bodies involved in the care, MPRL, promote a better care for the others (and other's ideas, other's actions, other's needs)

Jon Schull Tue 24 Oct 2017 2:11PM

Where is the updated version?


Maud Tue 24 Oct 2017 3:05PM

Thanks for keeping an eye on this ! It was on my list but time flies... Here is an updated version on our gitbook : https://ouishare.gitbooks.io/ouishare-handbook/ouishare-values.html it will be on OuiShare website on its next version in 2018.