Loomio seems to have problems adding up

RF Robert Frittmann Public Seen by 36

Can someone explain to me why, in the example below, the numbers don't add up? It shows that one person out of 533 has voted, but that vote was none of the 4 available options (Yes, No, Abstain, Block). What gives?


Poll Created Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:30AM

Vote Closed Sun 3 Aug 2014 1:06AM

by Marc Whinery Tue 25 Apr 2017 5:24AM

Loomio may be broken for large number of members, but for a group of 9, the numbers always added up.

Your vote doesn't matter. Please vote for the group with the lowest number.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 0.0% 0  
Abstain 66.7% 2 CD MW
Disagree 33.3% 1 DJ
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 12 CE JB DU KK FL RK DD RF DU DG TH JG

3 of 15 people have participated (20%)


Colin Davies
Sat 2 Aug 2014 1:20AM

I voted


Colin Davies
Sat 2 Aug 2014 10:33AM

I voted


Marc Whinery Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:39AM

My dummy proposal has all the numbers match up, but the number of people in the meta group is much smaller.


Marc Whinery Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:41AM

It must be a bug. Perhaps a bug from the large number of users in the group.


Marc Whinery Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:42AM


Looking at that one, it shows 1 stated vote (at this point in time) by the numbers under the graph, but no votes recorded in the proposal, or along the legend.

Loomio is bugged. Electronic voting is unreliable without a paper receipt or open voting and an interested electorate to catch such minor things


Robert Frittmann Thu 31 Jul 2014 1:49AM

Thanks for testing that, @marcwhinery. I can only concur with you that Loomio is bugged. As mentioned elsewhere, this is only beta software at present.

BTW, the proposal you linked to is the same one I shared the screenshot of. Well spotted!


Fred Look Thu 31 Jul 2014 2:18AM

its kims vote!


Fred Look Thu 31 Jul 2014 2:26AM

maby "stated their position" means contributed to the discussion, the proposer has contributed to the discussion so thats one and is shown even tho noone has voted @marcwhinery as well as creating the discussion also voted in it so the numbers then add up


Fred Look Thu 31 Jul 2014 2:28AM

nope its not that ...... ah but by proposing the decision you have interacted with it so you are counted . you needed someone who is not the proposer to test this. I have a proposal "local foods etc" in which I have not voted. I will wait and see what happens there. if this is correct the participaters should remain at voters+1 until I vote this is also the situation in "should loomio make all the decisions for us" (paraphrased!) where the proposer @reidalexanderwicks has not voted.

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