Mon 3 Jun 2019 8:50AM

General Assembly 2019

CC Christophe Cop Public Seen by 32

I think there is a need to revise our statutes. Many of them are not followed and some of them are outdated.
I propose we try and make it more accurate, to ensure growth and the necessary freedom of crews as to how to organise and go to elections.

Since there is quite some preparation needed, I'm thinking of oktober, and location in Antwerp, but of course, that is all up to discussion.


Ilja Mon 3 Jun 2019 5:02PM

I think there is a need to revise our statutes. Many of them are not followed and some of them are outdated.

100% agreed

I'm thinking of oktober,

Is there already preparation work being done? I would rather see some (nearly?) finished work where we already have concensus before we pin a date. If not, we set an artificial time-constraint. We've seen the stress that can happen when people "just want to go forward" because something needs to be ready by a certain date. It makes people stop listening to input which eventually causes friction to say the least.

Or to quote from our meeting-guidelines[1]
We often set deadlines and see this as a good thing since it pushes us to reach a goal. However this often leads to decisions that have been forced or not well thought of. This then can lead to frustrations with people or other problems further down the road. Sometimes you can't help it (e.g. because a decision needs to be reached at a time that you don't have control over), but you should always question whether the time-constraint is valid.

[1] https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Internal_Democracy/Guidelines#Extras


Christophe Cop Tue 4 Jun 2019 3:09PM

I'll be starting the revision during the next Navigation Tables of Crew Antwerp (2nd wednesday of the month @ de kleine hedonist) .
I'll post the working documents here.

You are right about not fixing the exact date at the moment ;-)
It's not a fixed deadline, it is more a first guess... Just as long as it's not by the end of 2023 or something.


Christophe Cop Fri 12 Mar 2021 11:33AM

ok, already 2 years... and I didn't take any further initiative either. (I still have a revised version of the statutes lying around somewhere though).
While I still think it's good to do the revision, the practical need (because few pirates) for it is quite low.
We don't uphold all the procedures and rules, but it's not a bad thing to pick it up again if the number of active pirates were to increase


Lander Meeusen Fri 12 Mar 2021 2:23PM

You can also use the update to attract new members. Put out a call to co-create the Pirates 2.0. Any potential new members can then immediately join the updating-process instead of pointing out problems afterwards.