Fri 22 Jun 2018 10:36AM

German translation is at 100%!

RG Robert Guthrie Public Seen by 92

I'm so pleased to make a post today just to thank our German translators, who've quickly translated all Loomio's resources into the de locale.

I want to thank everyone who's been translating Loomio recently. The Loomio team in NZ and our users around the world really do appreciate your time and effort. Thank you!!

Here's a snapshot of our translation progress as of today.


AnD Tue 20 Aug 2019 10:10AM

Not yet quite 100%. How can I help?


Robert Guthrie Tue 20 Aug 2019 10:17PM

Hi, thanks for the kind offer of help.

Please see https://help.loomio.org/en/dev_manual/translation/ for instructions on signing up for Transifex (the system we use to translate strings).

And please feel free to ask questions here and I'll do my best to help


AnD Wed 21 Aug 2019 6:47AM

Ok, I can do a bit there. But, have you discussed if your "are" formal or informal? In German or for example in French.

For my use you could (should!) be informal, and since you have an English language heritage it would probably not seem strange to use informal language.

Only if you see yourself as mainly being used in blue chip companies you may want to use formal language. That said, change.org is formal but IKEA is informal.

Your current state of translation is formal. I still recommend informal.


Robert Guthrie Wed 21 Aug 2019 7:58PM

Yes, we have discussed that, and we choose informal for all our languages.

We've been working with another German translator who has just done a review of all the translations to make them consistent, so I expect that it's looking in good shape now.


Max Strube Fri 20 Sep 2019 10:55AM

I contributed some German translations about 2 years ago. I logged in to Transifex today and I am no longer able to submit translations, only suggestions are possible. How can I get back full translation rights? (Transifex username: bamstam)


Robert Guthrie Sun 22 Sep 2019 11:51PM

Done, thank you


Giuseppe Wed 9 Sep 2020 6:45PM

Hey. I have my own Loomio Server Running with Version 2.3.2. I set up my profile to "German". There are many labels that are still in English - is this normal?

In my .env file - I pull the "stable" branch.


Robert Guthrie Wed 9 Sep 2020 9:23PM

This context of this post is a little old now, we don't have anyone who has committed to updating our German translation as changes to the app are made.

German is now at 85% (see: https://www.transifex.com/rdbartlett/loomio-1/)

Are you able to help? Setting up notifications so you are notified when we modify or add strings would be amazin.


Giuseppe Thu 22 Oct 2020 9:44PM

yes I could! I will have a look