Wed 7 Feb 2018 10:28AM

The £350 million Bank Note

MT Maggie Turner Public Seen by 345

The distribution of Dick's £350 million bank note at Pulse proved to be a great success with its unambiguous humorous message that both Remainers and Brexiters understand. It was greatly appreciated in the Media meeting last night and was suggested that a Mogg version might be designed for when we go into Mogg territory with guineas instead of pounds! It has also been suggested it would compliment the Brexit Truth Battle Bus and I would like to take some when a small group joins SODEM to demonstrate at Westminster on the 21st. Great idea by Alan and brilliantly designed by Dick.


Huw Spanner Thu 8 Feb 2018 11:37AM

Congrats to Dick – i thought the design was brilliant!


Linda Graham Thu 8 Feb 2018 3:20PM

So did I. Want to take some to Sodem on 21st so please try to make sure there are enough. (Linda)


Dick Daniel Thu 15 Feb 2018 4:37PM

Many thanks, I will aim to have some ready for taking to London, will give to Maggie to take.


Jane Riekemann Thu 15 Feb 2018 4:48PM

Apparently the bus people aren't keen but perfect for London,


Alan Richard Champneys Thu 15 Feb 2018 6:23PM

Any chance of getting some done for this sat a.m. for me (Boris) to take to the street stall in Trowbridge?