Mon 31 Mar 2014 12:57PM

Paid irregular services

KL Kate Lebedeff Public Seen by 295

Hello team
we could have certain funds to make the important services for the association, and list of such paid services could be important things, where we lack hands or unique knowledge/input (paid services for extra time, ie when person commits voluntarily, and gets paid for extra commitment, after these free hours he spends).
Do we agree to have this (paid services for important for association tasks which are not fully covered yet for whatever reason)?


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Do we agree to have irregular paid services? Closed Thu 3 Apr 2014 1:07PM

In case we accept this proposal, each service to be paid will be explicitly announced separately and will be put on vote to council.


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Raphaël Jadot
Mon 31 Mar 2014 6:52PM

Yes, but I think we really need to establish a list of priorities, depending on our lacks, and pay a company (or self employed) or maybe use a service such as elance.


Wayne Sallee
Wed 2 Apr 2014 1:30PM

It needs to be irregular, and with all info clearly defined. Only as really needed. And as our organization grows, we should need this less often. It should not be an excuse for people to make money by helping.

Wayne Sallee
[email protected]


Wed 2 Apr 2014 11:27PM

I forgot to vote ...


jclvanier Wed 2 Apr 2014 6:07PM

I agree with the principle.
Imo, because this can be a sensible matter, we should take care of the following points:
-- we must clearly define our needs first
-- if occasionnaly something important cannot be done by the association, we can ask for paid services.
-- we should avoid as much as possible to choose a member of the association because of our statutes of non profit organisation. Resort to a member of the association must remain exceptional.
-- the choice(s), made by the council, must be known by the members of the association. Therefore, the council must be able to explain the choice with objective reasons.