Sun 5 Jul 2020 2:46PM

CMA Strategy July 2020

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We've had a little quiet time after the amazing Action Day. Now let's get back on the runway and get some plane tickets out of Greece! 馃殌

Here are the results/discussion points from our last CMA meeting. Please add any more thoughts/volunteer for actions.馃檵馃檱

We will have a meeting Wednesday 29th July to support each other in our next steps.馃應


Isla Kitching Fri 24 Jul 2020 9:47AM

Point for discussion at next meeting: social media for city chapters? and email alias? --> using a europemustact email (in mine and other chapter experiences seems to come across as spam) leading to no response


Verity Wed 8 Jul 2020 6:37PM

Feedback from UK FP meeting: Consensus was pro another Action Day. This will help to motivate city chapters by giving them something to work towards, and continue to raise the profile of city chapters in order to build local support. But - with adequate time and preparation.


Claire Tue 28 Jul 2020 12:33PM

Do you think you /the Networking team could do this? @Matthias @Kirsty Evans @Gianna specifically asking them about setting up City Chapters? Perhaps you could draft a joint email together (Matthias?)


Gianna Sun 5 Jul 2020 3:03PM

We have strong connections to MitOst 鈥 a cultural network in Eastern Europe, which I could ask for help/connections. Further our proposal at the Civic Europe Fund was strongly supported by groups from Eastern Europe. Could be worth reaching out to them and asking for help?


Claire Sun 5 Jul 2020 2:53PM

Suggestions/Action Points from previous meeting:

-         Proactively look for people/organisations who can start local Chapters in Eastern Europe, Scandinavian countries

-         Eastern Europe: We have 1 contact in Serbia who says could translate. Perhaps Social Media team could do a post in Serbian?

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to support outreach in these countries specifically advertising to set up a local Chapter!


Claire Sun 5 Jul 2020 2:52PM

Suggestions/Action Points from previous meeting:

-         Make a list of community groups which could be used by each Chapter to reach out online 鈥 support chapters in getting these. (Done!)

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to follow up with each Chapter to make sure they have used this list!


Claire Sun 5 Jul 2020 2:51PM

Suggestions/Action Points from previous meeting:

-         Support: buddying (all chapters)/mentors team (established with less established)

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to set this up!


Hans Wed 8 Jul 2020 3:15PM

Input from Alina from Seebr眉cke:
"It was always a struggle to get people involved in multiple levels. Regional get-together dropped out the easiest."


Claire Sun 5 Jul 2020 2:50PM

Suggestions/Action Points from previous meeting:

-         Advocacy team with 1 from each country to plan/support each other

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to set this up/encourage Chapter members to join!


Claire Thu 9 Jul 2020 9:32PM

Thank you SO much for this 馃挄

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