Sat 27 Sep 2014 4:01PM

MCommunity issues

J JK Public Seen by 18

An in-house email management solution would save time and prevent frustration.

My gripes with MCommunity:
1. Crap GUI.

1.a. Addresses are split between umich/non-umich.

1.b. If there are more than 10 in either category, the "Members" tab will have two pages. The button to go to page 2 is subtle and easily overlooked. We have more than 10 people in almost all of our groups.

1.c. It takes FOREVER to add a new secretary to all the lists and remove the previous one. In fact, it takes forever to update group membership in general.

1.d. There is no text-based way to edit group membership. I should be able to export the group membership to a .txt or .csv file, edit addresses/owner privileges, and upload the changes in one go (similar to how we update Wiki pages).

1.e. MCommunity prevents you from opening multiple groups in multiple tabs; when you choose "open in a new tab", you get the MCommunity homepage rather than the desired group page. What?

1.f. The only way I know of to change a group owner to a regular member is to completely remove and re-add them.

  1. Crap backend. MCommunity =/= stable.