Fri 6 Mar 2020 8:30PM

new plan for Nest (sorry for the vague title bu a lot to unpack)

XD xavier dubruille Public Seen by 73

Ok long story short, th whisper won't come back this year due to finance and lack of people BUT when a door closes, another opens. SO that leads for me to a new plan and also way less project to do before the event which lead to 2 main change..
So considering i have a lot of stuff near the site and i m getting a lot of stuff to help set up stage and event in London (WiP) instead of a camp, i was thinking to provide a micro scene with a screen for projection not technically attached to a camp (even if myself I ll join Flim flam) but there in the hill like last year to fill the void and provide a few attraction/workshop. Not associated to a camp, it can be considered as a Interactive Art piece, i don t ask for grant, i ll manage without being an hassle. Anyway, if placement or logistic lead want to have a talk, i m open to it.
And secondly, i was wondering if someone took care of the point/center camp in the end else i ve got some idea in order for it to be more used (by firstly set up an info point which may require some volunteers at some point , i help run the one in nowhere, i know what i need to provide and do).
As a CCC Center Camp Caretaker, i would encourage all th ecamp to propose at least one event associated to their camp, have some idea for the opening ceremony too, want to use the space for a Last Meal (aka when all the camp cook all their perishable food and bring it to the place in order for all the people to eat together .... like nowhere few years back), basically providing a space facilitating as much as possible people with idea but lack of ressource or who need the last bit of inspiration and encouragement. If anyone from teh core want to confirm me the lack of "lead" for this post or want to speak with me more about the execution of this plan, don t hesitate to contact me, i want to set up a comm plan quite soon to fill some slot during the week.
PS: also the fact that the whisper doesnt come back this year, it also means that the scaffolding is partially free ( i may need a few pole but not all of it) so i m willing to speak with people from the core team who may have some idea with it for some infrastructure.


Charlotte Davis Sat 7 Mar 2020 2:42PM

Email [email protected], who should be able to help with placement, or info about The Point :)


Corinne Hitching Sat 7 Mar 2020 8:36PM

Xav I feel like you’ve got the ambition and energy to perhaps take on the temple or effigy? I can help you design something if you like. Team it up!

The point is open for someone to take it on if you’d like to lead that? You know what happens with centre camp prob more than I do but if you are happy to lead build, decor, scheduling and strike on it then that would be great ✨


xavier dubruille Wed 11 Mar 2020 4:57PM

I would prefer dealing with the point, i thought some people were engaged already with the effigy anyway.

Having done the temple 2 years ago, it s quite a project by itself and i ll be already quite bust during the build.