Thu 21 Nov 2013 12:33AM

Should we allow Facebook connections?

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I'd like to hear opinions regarding whether we should connect Facebook to our D* pod.

There have been concerns over privacy etc, and this is the main reason it has been held back so far.

It requires not only the podmin to have an account with FB; but it has to be verified. This means giving out personal information to FB.

But it also requires the D* user to connect D* to their FB account. There are also concerns over the security of this connection.

Tell me what you think, and then we'll put it to a vote. Majority rules as always! :)


Sammy Thu 21 Nov 2013 4:25AM

My reason for being here is privacy. Facebook is not private, thus I do not wish for D*ViewSkew to have any dealings with Facebook. Forcing someone to divulge private information goes against my rebel side.


lostson Wed 11 Dec 2013 7:20PM

Yeah no Facebook