Wellbeing and Growth Jedi

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[deactivated account] Mon 25 Apr 2022 1:28AM

In May's Wellbeing and Growth Jedi, Freya and Dimitra are going to share some great info about gut health and how it's so important to our overall wellbeing. Come with your questions and they'll share their knowledge. Is there anything you'd like to see covered in this Jedi that would benefit your wellbeing and the wellbeing and growth of our org?


Michaela Kennedy Mon 11 Apr 2022 7:03AM

I'de like to see things that help the membership improve their wellbeing, basics like diet and exercise, mindfulness, what does balance look like, healthy lifestyles. Growth would be a bit about - where are we growing in Jeder, how much growth can we cope with, how do we prepare for growth.


Vic Tyler Wed 30 Mar 2022 11:07PM

Thank you Alex for getting this communication thread started! At each meeting we will share any EAP use and development for members and answer questions.


Aleks Jovanovic Mon 11 Apr 2022 5:50AM

Thanks, Alex. I'll try to pop into a Jedi when I can :).


Jason Emmins Wed 30 Mar 2022 9:00AM

Thanks Alex- I look forward to contributing :-)


[deactivated account] Wed 30 Mar 2022 7:09AM

Hi everyone. We've started our monthly Wellbeing and Growth Jedi (4th Tuesday of each month) and we're after some input. What sort of things would you like to see covered in this Jedi?

The structure of the Jedi is divided into two sections. The first being a presentation/shared learning/exploration of concept or model that contributes to our individual wellbeing and growth. The second being discussion about the collective wellbeing and growth of our organisation. What would you find useful to facilitate your individual wellbeing and growth? What would you like to see covered to add to our organisation's wellbeing and growth? All feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you ❤️.