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CF Christopher Francisco Public Seen by 7

Hey everyone... just trying loomio out and testing with content from my email earlier today... Just to reiterate, i copied and pasted some of my content.

"Hello everyone... just wanted to informally throw this out there. I would normally bring this up to the table at our next board meeting but chances are that I'll most likely miss it.

The owner of EOD Tactical, Aubrey Le, was inquiring about applying for helping with our social media. I'm still on the go, bouncing around Asia, so I wanted to throw this out there for discussions at the next meeting. Aside from her request, her company would also be good to add to the sponsors list. I attached a couple screenshots about her request."

If we decide on having someone handle our social media, we should have this person report to our designated social media committee.
I'll leave this open for discussion. Thanks!!


Erik Boyd Thu 10 Jan 2019 3:31PM

I think when we begin a discussion on committees (maybe we should open the next meeting to discuss this?), creating a "Social Media & Marketing" or similar committee would allow us to get her involved.

Maybe that's something we can discuss here a bit!


Erik Boyd Thu 17 Jan 2019 2:56AM

So we discussed this at the meeting and I think we should give further consideration here. @benjamintimm and @chrisamenta I know neither of you have much time to handle this as much as you would like. Should we bring this person on to help if she's willing to do it unpaid? If so, what considerations might we want to ensure prior to signing off?


Erik Boyd Wed 23 Jan 2019 10:46PM

Figured I’d bump this thread today.


Benjamin Timm Fri 25 Jan 2019 2:46AM

@christopherfrancis If you could email both of us, I would love to talk to her about what she would be willing/able to take on when it comes to helping with the social Media.


Christopher Francisco Tue 29 Jan 2019 9:45PM

hey guys... i'm back.... I just wanted to see if I still need to reach out to Audrey Le for the Social Media help.


Benjamin Timm Wed 30 Jan 2019 5:56AM

Hey @christopherfrancis, I would love to talk to her more. Can you email her contact to me?