Mon 22 Mar 2021 5:03AM

OSGeo monthly GDAL maintenance and community donation matching

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This is the second go for this thread and poll. As described/discussed in the Oceania-board mailing list - there is currently a gap in the funding model for GDAL where there is money for feature development but no funding for maintenance, bug fixes, mailing list monitoring, and releases. This gap leads to maintainer burnout as they do this work is both ongoing and unpaid. The maintainer Even Rouault has put a sponsorship page on Github (https://github.com/sponsors/rouault). I am proposing that we donate $600 in the form of $50/month for a year to the maintenance of GDAL and donate a further $400 of OSGeo funds by matching the first $400 of community donations through Tito.


Poll Created Mon 22 Mar 2021 5:06AM

Are you in favour of donating $600 to GDAL though monthly payment and an additional $400 to match community donations? Closed Mon 5 Apr 2021 6:02AM

The total of OSGeo funds being donated is $1000. This is in the form of $50/month for a year, and $400 to match community donations.


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yes 88.9% 8 AL GL EH D EN CC EP EH
abstain 11.1% 1 JS
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Jonah Sullivan Mon 22 Mar 2021 5:07AM


I think this is a good initiative, but I think we should support OSGeo and let them decide which projects or initiatives deserve funding.


Edoardo Neerhut Mon 22 Mar 2021 5:07AM




Greg Lauer Mon 22 Mar 2021 5:07AM


Good initiative but do share Jonah's thoughts. In this case though, from what I understand there is an immediate need for GDAL funding and feel OSGEO Oceania should support this in the interim