6/28/17: 4-9pm, CIC: Digital Identity & CustomerTech in Real Estate

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What if consumers managed their own digital identities? How would that change the real estate ecosystem and can #ConsumerTech deliver BILLIONS annually in consumer savings?

Last year, RE2020 used MyVote.io to invite both consumers and real estate innovators to cocreate the agenda for our first experimental real estate unconference in Boston. That event took months to plan and proposed sessions across Top 20 categories. In contrast, this pop-up event is being produced in 24 hours; and will focus on Digital Identity and CustomerTech in a Real Estate with special guest Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy, see @Dsearls on Twitter.

Like our original unconference, we're asking participants online / offline to:

  1. Vote for topics they'd like to see discussed in 15 minute flash sessions;

  2. Propose sessions or demos related to digital identity and CustomerTech,

  3. Seed working groups by topic and help crowdfund solutions.

Cast your VOTE for flash topics before 4pm; share link below via social media:


This event is the second in a series of quarterly events before the National Association of Realtors hosts their annual convention in Boston, November 2018.