Sun 6 Apr 2014 3:38AM

Who are the "coordinators" of this group?

DS Danyl Strype Public Seen by 13

Like any internet forum, Loomio groups require special permission to do things like change the group settings. In Loomio, people who have these permissions are called "coordinators". Think of them as the equivalent of the facilitators in a GA.

Because I initiated the experiment of creating this group I was automatically made a coordinator, but since I don't want to have any elite privileges, or be a single point of failure, I have given coordinator permissions to a number of other Occupy folks who I recognise and trust to help hold a positive space here. I welcome them to do the same with folks they recognise and trust.

If anyone has any thoughts about this process, or would like to suggest a different one, please comment here.


Nick Thu 10 Apr 2014 4:37AM

Am I a coordinator?


Danyl Strype Thu 10 Apr 2014 11:20PM

@nick5 you are now. In fact almost everyone who has joined so far is, probably due to the fact that I have sent most of the invites.

Please invite anyone and everyone you know who was part of Occupy Aotearoa. Also, feel free to set up a subgroup for the particular city whose Occupy camp you were part of, like I have for Ōtepoti and Welly.