Wed 26 Apr 2023 7:43AM

Investment Jedlet - update

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Hi all,

On Monday, 4 of us met and had the most incredible conversation starting with the check in question, “What’s your money story?”

And it got real, real quick! Find full Harvest here:  2023.04.24 Investment Jedlet Harvest.docx

We talked about what brought us here to this conversation and here’s a couple of highlights:

  • Got no idea how to build my own wealth – do I do a side hustle or put in 80 hours a week of work? How can I not burn out?

  • How can we tap into resources and share that with others who worry about money?

  • People stay in bad situations to keep their money secure

  • A lot of negative self-talk almost stopped me from joining today

We shared some tips on books, podcasts, Ted talks etc and then discussed our individual and collective purpose for wanting to explore this:

  • How can we talk about money in healthy ways?

  • Is there a fund we can develop for people who are in a bad situation or need some financial support? (e.g. loss of income, DV situation, sickness, overwhelmed)

  • Can we offer a safe space for people to share, or ask for, what they need?

And Jeder, how does that fit in?

  • Effective altruism: using our resources to meet our needs and help others

    • How can we have an ethical focus, to gain the most money we can, to distribute to Members and give back to communities in crisis

    • Strategically use financial strategies to raise our collective consciousness and how we create an impact in the world

  • Leveraging what we have, from the positive position of the organisation, for people to access in times of need (e.g. Invest in Us be distributed evenly, pooling “sick hours” and need to use each others)

And, all of that in 1 hour!

Our next steps are:

  • Co-create a set of questions that we can all reflect on each week and share back

  • Create a financial Top 100 within this group

  • Create a “thin list of handy tips” (e.g. how to create a budget)

  • Discuss name change

  • Dee to set up monthly Mondays at 1pm – 2pm starting 29th May

Feel free to come join us next time!


Dee Brooks Mon 29 May 2023 4:08AM

Reflection questions from today's Investment Jedlet, attended by Dee, Harley, Cherish, Nat, Aleks, Kodei

o   What have you learned about money in the past month?

o   Have you checked your budget this month?

o   Have you created and implemented a budget?

o   What are your financial goals?

o   What has wealth meant to you this past month?

o   Do you have any ethical profit ideas?

Come join us next month as the conversation continues!

Let me know if you need the link!


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 10 May 2023 2:14AM

Sorry, I missed it. A valuable topic. I'll do my best to pop into some Monthly Mondays. Thank you